Saturday, November 23, 2013

Making a Scarf Loom

It is almost Thanksgiving and what am I thinking about?  Well a sane person would be thinking about making Christmas presents.  But me?  Well if you have been reading this blog for any time at all, you know I am not sane.  I have been making a scarf loom.  I first saw this on Pinterest, you can find the link about it here.  I have had the idea swirling around in my head since I ran across it several weeks ago.  And since I am not in Ohio where I had planned to be this weekend, I decided to whip this baby up.  

I visited my local Home Depot, bought my supplies and for under $25, I now have a scarf loom.   Many of you probably have these supplies at home, we are not fixer upper type of people so we did not.  I do not trust my husband with tools and frankly I don't much trust myself either.  I bought a 1' x 6'  pine board, some sandpaper and some nails and got to work.  

The link has lots of great information that I won't repeat here.  I sanded my wood down to make sure there were not any rough areas to catch my yarn.    I went over the whole board with a nice olive oil to get all the dust off of it and condition the wood.  Don't tell my husband but I used his good  oil.

I measured 2 inches up the board, drew a line and measured 1/4 increments along the line starting 1 inch in from the side.  Repeat on the other end.  It doesn't have to be perfect as you can see from the above photo.

If you decide to do this little project, be sure the nails you use do not have a big head on them, it will be much easier to remove scarf from the loom if you can slip it off the top of the nail.

After your loom is put together it is time to set it all up.  The warp is the thread/yarn that goes lengthwise, the weft is the thread/yarn that goes horizontally.   To make the warp, I made a slip knot and attached it to the nail and the moved to the corresponding nail at the opposite end of the board, attach here with a slip knot, being careful to pull the yarn taunt.   Be sure you leave longer tails for the warp because you can use these later for fringe.  The scarf will be narrower than the measurements of your nails so keep that in mind and plan for a wider scarf than you intended.

A tip that is provided in the link is to place a dowel in the over under weaving pattern so after you go one direction you  have an easy return.  You just thread your yarn right through the openings near the dowel and it is almost like returning for free, no weaving involved.  I used a big knitting needle and it worked perfectly.

I used a long needle that was threaded with my weft yarn to make it easier to make it across the loom moving over and under as indicated by the row.  I threaded a couple of yards of yarn at a time and pulled it through  You can make a shuttle with cardboard or a wooden paint stirrer if you would rather do it that way.

 Another hint is to make the first several inches of your scarf with yarn you are not going to use, The scarf will be wider near the nails and will narrow a bit to the size it will be for the rest of the scarf in  an inch or two.   As you can see I did not do this, so mine will be wider at the end, or I can just pull some of it off until I get to the the area where the size is more uniform.  You can stop making the scarf when you have the desired length, you do not have to weave all the way to the end.  Just remove it when you are ready, tie the warp ends together and make fringe.

Be sure if you have help making the loom that you do not bore your help so much that they take a nap. 

That is it, an easy peasy scarf loom.  My problem is that I knew I did not have a lot of time to make a whole scarf, but I knew I had to make this loom, you know how that goes.  I have put the scarf loom away for now.  When I get it out again after all the Christmas stuff has been made I plan on using all different types of yarn, different textures and colors to make something fun.  I think it might be a great way to use up scraps, and when not in use it can easily be propped up against the wall in a closet. Think of the fun you can have making scarves, a table runner or even a series of woven trivets or coasters.

 Okay back to these cup cozies, oh and the two scarves I have planned, and maybe a shawl.  I had better get busy.

I almost forgot to thank you all for visiting my sister to wish her a Happy Birthday, she loved all of your messages.  And one more thing, special thanks to all of you for your well wishes for my son.  He is not healing as well as they would like him to be so he is scheduled for and MRI on Monday.  The worrying never stops does it?


Jennifer said...

I love this scarf loom! It looks really interesting. I laughed about boring the help so much that they fall asleep. Love that Max. :)

CJ said...

What a wonderful idea. Like you say, a good way to use up leftover wool. I do hope your son gets completely better soon.

linda said...

Well done Meredith, looms seem to be the in thing now, there were quite a few when I visited Yarndale. I have seen a loom to make a pompom baby blanket and would love to have a go but it's like a picture type frame and I'm not convinced I could do it properly, I'm thinking about it though, one day maybe. It's good that your son has his appointment already Meredith, hope it's good news. :)

Bridget said...

I shall now pretend I never saw this post so that I do not become obsessed when I have so many other things to do ...

Joyful said...

Oh you are busy. I haven't made a loom for years and years. It is a nice skill to be able to make some woven items. I'm sure you will get a lot of joy from it. I'm sorry to hear about your son too. I do hope they figure out how to help him.

Thank you for your kind words about my mom. She is one of the 13 who is very sick right now with flu outbreak. I pray she is feeling better soon. I also pray a new bed comes available soon at a new place. Best of luck with your caregiving too. Hugs. xx

kathyinozarks said...

Very cool Meredith-and I applaud you for getting all those nails in-mine would never have been that straight LOL
Positive thoughts for your son, hoping the MRI will be helpful
Hugs Kathy

Toni said...

Very cool idea! Which I didn't really see because I have got to get the house decorated and wrap gifts to mail and do NOT need yet another distraction........:)

Anonymous said...

Oh no ....Hope your son's MRI shows what is wrong.

I had one a few months ago ---- arthritis :::sigh::: I'm guessing that's not HIS problem. LOL

Julie said...

Hey Meredith - thanks for this! We used to make these as kids and I forgot all about them. Nice to see Mag Ruffman again (the writer). She had a DIY show in Canada (A Repair to Remember in 1999-2000) which was the first geared towards women. She gave me the confidence to try repairs on my own. J

Joy said...

What a wonderful loom that is Meredith - gee - well done girl, I think that may be a project for me a few weeks hence! It's a pity that lovely Max became so bored with it all - maybe you could weave him a nice warm coat to wear in the cold weather, that'll get his interest!
I'm sorry about your son's injury not healing like it should - I felt a bit concerned when he told you it was still swelling up - perhaps he has a break in there! The scan is a very good idea, then he'll get the treatment it needs! Try not to worry too much lovely!
Warm hugs, Joy xo

Teresa Kasner said...

What a neat and simple loom project! I look forward to seeing a finished one. I'm sorry to hear that your son's injury is not healing like you hoped. Do let me know what you find out from the MRI. Yep, we always worry about our kids, even when they're married and have kids of their own. Enjoy Sunday.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

You always have something new going on Meredith. Weaving always seemed so complicated to me, but you almost make it look easy.
I'm sorry to hear that your son isn't healing as well as you hoped. Please keep us updated and I will be praying for him. No, we NEVER stop worrying. The kids don't understand that very well either...until they start having children of their own.

Karen Pior said...

You are so clever. I hate hammers and try my hardest to never ever use one!! I am sure you will make lots and lots of lovely things with this. And good luck to your Son. I will send healing vibes into the ether for him. Xx. Karen

Hannapat said...

This brought back so many memories from my childhood and I thinks it's great that you did it all from scratch, it's going to make the end result so much more rewarding. I am sure it will be heaps of fun playing around with different colours and scraps and it also be satisfying knowing nothing is going to waste. Thank you so much for sharing the process with us, it's definitely something I would like to try again one day. Enjoy preparing for thanks giving. Xoxo

Plain Jane said...

Well now I'm very impressed that you made this yourself - a true creative spirit! I have a peg loom and used to find the repetition of going backwards and forwards really therapeutic - and to have something to keep you all snuggly at the end of it is a double bonus! I'm sending you and your son some big hugs and warmest wishes x Jane

Tammy said...

You make me laugh. You get a wild hair and just go with it. The loom is fantastic and I imagine when you have the time you will make some gorgeous scarves. Reminds me of the Afghan rug I never finished. The loom is propped up against the wall in the living room with the partial rug completed -- I doubt I will ever finish it. So time consuming.

Hope all goes well with the MRI. Hard to tell with these kinds of sprains.

Hugs, Tammy

kristieinbc said...

I have never heard of making a loom like this! It seems very dangerous information to acquire. :-) I've been feeling the itch to try weaving, and this might be just the thing!

Kris said...

Look at you...making your own loom!
So sorry to hear your son is not healing normally. Yikes...always something!!
Hang in there Mama!
xo Kris

Claudia said...

Clever, clever, sister!

Give Dave a hug from us. Hope his healing turns around and comes quickly.


Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Now I can do that!!! What a great idea of making a loom for Christmas gifts. Even table runners or on top of the fireplace mantle!! Sorry to hear about your son!! Sounds like he needs to come home now and have his Mother take care of him!! Soon, I'm sure!

kathy b said...

How cool is your loom!!!!
Praying for your son's recovery. It is always something isn't it?
It will be so good for you so

Ana BC said...

It is always fun to make new things... and the outcome is looking good :-)

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Now where you find the time, and the creativity I don't know, but you seem to be able to create so many lovely items.

What a great idea.


Lynne said...

Whaaaaat? I didn't know it was that easy to make a loom. Such a great idea. Looks like a really fun project, and I can't wait to see the finished scarf. Have a great Thanksgiving!

RedSetter said...

You are definitely not sane, but neither am I! I totally know that must do compulsion and the sense of achievement that comes with learning something new. I love your 'help' - pets really have no stamina sometimes, endlessly supportive but totally unable to feign interest.

I've lovely popping over to your sister's blog and will enjoy reading her's too. You are very lucky to have such a lovely sister. I don't know how to describe mine as she is a cowardly excuse for a human being and as an astute friend commented "worse than a man down". You clearly value your sister and that is something to be cherished.

Thank you too for your lovely comment on my vite cowl I will definitely be applying the no naff wool rule from now on!

Take care and enjoy your new 'toy' knowing you have a WIP in waiting and a grand sense of achievement. Hope you son is ok too and gets good news.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, Meredith. I'll be saying a prayer for your son. No, the worries of a mother never stop. :)

You are endlessly creative!! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Pradeepa said...

What a cool idea! I have never heard of this. Definitely a fun way to use up your scrap yarns. I hope you son gets well soon.

Danette Bartelmay said...

A scarf loom!!!!???!!!***!!
You are just way TOO COOL!
I love the cup cozies too. Just may have to try them...
What's this about your son?!
I have been away from my computer {visit my blog and you will see why}. I will be praying for your son.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving my friend,

Susanne said...

The scarf loom is so neat. I commend you for being brave and taking on that construction job. So many times we feel intimidated and too afraid to try something like this. I'm sure your imagination is working in over drive right now as to what all you could make. Even place mats or even a woven purse or tote depending on the loom. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest and it is one of those places where minutes can easily turn into hours of browsing, what fun!
Hope your son's test turns out okay. yes, mothers worry. It seems to come with the territory of being a mom :)
(((HUGS))) Susanne

Penny said...

That is just a brilliant idea, it really reminds me of my childhood when I had something similar, I think my dad made it for me and my sister to weave on. It looks relaxing and fun watching it grow.
I do hope that your son is soon diagnosed and receives the treatment he needs.
Enjoy all your Christmas makes and have a happy Thanksgiving xox Penny

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Love the loom. :)

Sending prayers for your son.

Blessings sweet friend

Heldasland said...

wow, that's amazing I want to make one after Christmas , such a wonderful way to use up odds and ends of my yarn. thanks for the inspiration

Mrs. Micawber said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this! If you ever have time, would you do a tutorial on how to finish the scarf? What do you do with those bits hanging off the long sides of the scarf?

Hope Mr. 20's MRI went well and that the prognosis is good.

Liz said...

oh my gosh Meredith...I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to do this. Michael is going to Lowes tomorrow to buy weather strips or whatever that stuff is called. I'm going to show him this...and make him buy the materials. Knowing him, he'll end up making it for me. Thanks again:)