Friday, November 20, 2015

Tid Bits on Friday....

My Dad was a painter, a very talented artist although he only painted as a hobby.  He was very intricate in his younger days and went with a more impressionistic approach later on.  We found this canvas in his closet at his condo and I swooped it up.  It is 8 x 10, and I love it.  It reminds me of Autumn in Michigan, near the Pigeon River where we camped as kids.  I am still sorting and making phone call after phone call about his affairs, I am trying to do a little bit everyday so I am not overwhelmed. 

Last weekend I stopped by Home Goods, not sure if you all have one near by but it is a great store.  I don't visit very often but this visit was a great one.  I found all sorts of really great Melissa & Doug wooden toy vehicles for someone I know for Christmas.  They are the best toys and at Home Goods they had the best prices I have seen anywhere.  These are sturdy toys with no batteries, sounds, lights or anything technical, just basic, lovely, wooden toys that lead you to use your own imagination.  I also found this pitcher and I am in love with it.  Can anything for $7.50 make me happier than this?  A special treat for me and for my table.

Last week I also found out there is yet another new little one entering our family sometime in May.  You know what that means, another baby blanket is going to be made for that little one whether the parents want it or not.  This has to be a gender neutral blanket as we are not going to find out the sex until she/he is born.  I love that!  It is the best surprise in the world.  So as I was working near the yarn store in Largo, FL on Tuesday I stopped in and found this yarn.  I think I am going for another crochet ripple, alternating colors just like the cream/gray blanket I recently finished. I am aiming for an after Christmas start on this project.

Today after about three hours of Christmas shopping after dropping off Little Buddy at school, I took a walk around outside.  It is still pretty warm and humid here, not at all what it should be like for November.  I noticed that the wee little Christmas cactus I rescued from my parents porch is starting to thrive.  It was a dried up mess when I brought it home.  I re-potted it, watered it and I think it is starting to feel happy again.  

Speaking of Christmas Cactus, Princess here is wanting to be called a Thanksgiving Cactus this year.  She is blooming a little early this year, probably trying to show up her older sibling, Her  Highness.  These two plants of mine are huge, I think the wee little cactus  might be a bit intimidated with these huge, but lovely ladies around.  Don't worry little one, there is plenty of love for you here, too.

I also checked on the lettuce and tomatoes I planted last weekend in my Earth Boxes.  Yes I am trying again in hopes that the supposedly cooler weather of Autumn and Winter here in Florida will be kinder to my plants.  I know you all think it is crazy that I can be planting right now but remember I live in the tropics.  Keep your fingers crossed the fungus, cutworms and mites from my last trial stay away from these plants and I can have a wonderful harvest.

Not many berries are showing up on my Holly tree this year.  Does that mean it is supposed to be a gentle Winter?   I hear we are due for a lot more rain than usual.

This weekend I have a date with this project.  The lovely Flaum and I have not been spending a whole lot of time together recently.  I have tried to work on her because she is really quite beautiful, but by the time I can sit down I am sort of falling asleep.  And then I rudely awaken when I try to move because I hurt my back a couple weeks ago while lifting plants and boxes at my Dad's.  Let me just say it is not easy to work on the floor with little ones when you can't move your back!  I am taking this weekend to really doctor myself up with loads of warm showers, Tiger Balm (my favorite muscle rub) and knitting of course.  I am sure Little Buddy will have other plans in mind, mostly me running after him like a crazy woman.  We are going to our first birthday party for a classmate tomorrow at a near by park.  I hope he isn't a pistol!

As for Birthday's, just to let you know my sister Claudia is celebrating one tomorrow.  It is a tough one coming so close after my Dad's death, won't you go over and visit her and wish her a happy day?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Tashas Crochet Korner said...

beautiful painting! hope you have an good Thanksgiving

Betsy said...

Happy Friday sweet Meredith! First of all congratulations on the new little one entering your family. The yarn that you've chosen will make a perfect little blanket for him or her. I love the surprise of not knowing too. That painting of your dads is gorgeous. It reminds me of what the leaves looked like here just a few weeks ago. I've bought some of those Melissa and Doug toys for Miss Piper too. I like how it makes them use their imagination in this day of electronics. I'm so jealous that you can plant a garden in November. We're expecting snow in the next day or two and I had my snow tires put on today. I hope you have a chance to rest and relax a little this weekend. Take care of yourself. Blessings, Betsy

Judy S. said...

So wonderful that you have a picture created by your dad! You will enjoy it forever and think of him everytime you see it. Love that pitcher and all your projects. Berocco yarn is one of my favorites, so I will be interested to see how it works up for you. Have a restful weekend and baby yourself! Hugs.

Dee said...

Congratulations on the new little one soon to come. I love that they aren't going to tell the sex until birth. Maybe they will start a trend. Wondering and waiting is what kept those last difficult weeks doable! LOL

Your Dad's painting is beautiful. I love the colors and the impressionist style.

Have a great weekend.


HollyM said...

Meredith, I'm very sorry about your dad. I read earlier posts but didn't comment, I don't think. I'm having a bit of fog lately!
The rescued cacti look great. I have a huge one that hasn't bloomed in a while.
I love those harn colours. The afghan will be beautiful!

Teresa Kasner said...

Wow, Meredith.. your Dad's painting is wonderful! The beautiful fall leaves and the rushing water.. I'm so glad you brought it home. A fun dotted pitcher! I got a button one that is fun. Is your baby yarn cotton? I got a warm feeling in my heart when you rescued a little Christmas cactus from your parents home.. just like I did with one before my Mom died. You will treasure that one forever.. it's so neat how they can bounce back! Sorry you hurt your back.. you really shouldn't carry heavy boxes my friend. I'm tsk tsking at you. :-) So.. I am glad you're going to knit on pretty Flaum and relax this weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Caseymini said...

Meredith, thanks for the warning about Claudia's Birthday! I will be sure to get over there tomorrow.

I didn't realize that you and Claudia were from Michigan. I was born in Hillsdale. Only really stayed until I was four... So I am more of an Arizonan. Getting off the track.. Love your dad' sprinting. Definitely a Michigan autumn. The colors are wonderful.

Caffeine Girl said...

Your dad really was a good painter. Water is the hardest thing to capture in paint (harder even than people, I think) and he did it brilliantly. What a great way to remember him.

So sorry about your back. You know I am feeling your pain. At least I don't have to play on the floor, though. Warm showers sound like a good idea. I'd love a soak in the tub, but Keith decided to re-calk the tub so the bathroom smells like a toxic factory. And we can't open the window -- it's cold and snowy out there!

Gracie Saylor said...

Dear Meredith, it's wonderful you found your dad's painting to treasure, and that you rescued your folk's Christmas cactus...special remembrances :) My two little Christmas cactus could not wait for Christmas and have nearly finished blooming already. I hope you have a sweet, healing showers, Tiger Balm, knitting...and chasing Little Buddy around :) xx

mamasmercantile said...

A beautiful painting, he was a talented artist such a lovely memento. I have bought a lot of Melissa and Doug gifts for my Grandchildren as you say they are amazing toys. Good luck with the showers and tiger balm, hope that helps. Take care.

Babajeza said...

These polka dot dishes are so uplifting. I have two cups and a bowl. :-) Have a nice weekend and have a break now and then. :-) Hugs, Regula

Pradeepa said...

Your dad's painting is beautiful! Love the pitcher and the yarn colours. I hope your back gets better soon. Have a peaceful and relaxed weekend!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, So happy you can try to relax this weekend, and get those needles clicking!! Love your dad's painting, it is a real treasure. I have a few keepsakes from my mom and grandmother too, they are the best! Love all your yarns and the fact that you are getting back to some of your favorite things. Hope your back heals fast, back pain is the worst : (

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Meredith, the painting from you Dad is lovely and a real treasure. Busy week for you but sounds like you are making progress. So hard to have to do all these things when a loved one dies. I love Melissa and Doug toys and Tiger has had many! Great and makes them use their imaginations. The little red pitcher is just so sweet and a great pick me up! I've already been to visit Claudia and wish her a happy birthday, I can tell it's going to be a rough one. Continued prayers for both of you and lots of love.


Janet said...

A beautiful painting Meredith, your Dad certainly was very talented.

Christina said...

I am glad you are finding a little peace in joyful activities. Your dad's paining is delightful. I really love the colours, all my favourites in one place. Wishing you luck for Little Buddy's first birthday party in the park. x

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Wonderful painting. I know you will treasure it.

Kris said...

Dearest Meredith, I am here today to catch up with you, and feel so terribly that I I have been so absent, and had no idea that you had lost your dear Dad. I am so. So very sorry for your loss. Boy, we just never know what God's plan is for us. I am so glad you were able to be with him.
Everything else I was gonna comment on, escapes me now. I have missed you, and so many of my blogging friends I hope to return soon.
Be well.

kathy b said...

Your father's painting is so lovely! Talent! Oh yes.
Your Plants are fairing fine!
Im glad you have posted as I've missed you but I know you are exhausted with grief and family needs. Hang on . Your boys will be home for Turkey day right? That should help ..hugs all around

Lynne said...

I love that painting by your Dad. What a great keepsake. Going to Home Goods today to check out the toys. My niece has 2 little boys that we see during Christmas, so the toy suggestion is a good one. I really like the yarn you picked for the baby blanket. I can just picture it as a ripple. Hope your back feels better by now. I always go for Epsom salt baths when I get sore. And here comes Thanksgiving, ready or not!! Take care xx