Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trying to resume normalcy, a shawl and a Little Buddy fix......

While I am trying to resume some sense of normalcy, it is hard.  Everyday I hear a new thing that upsets me, swastikas spray painted on walls of Universities, one near me in fact.  Horrible things being said to children by their peers, a hateful email implying all black students should be lynched that was released through the University of Pennsylvania student email system.  It is hard to take a deep breath and feel things will settle down.  The news that Medicaid and Medicare will be changed, which will affect not only my job but Little Buddy's ability to get the services he needs.  I am living in a fearful place, a fearful place I did not vote for.  And once again our archaic system did not work, the popular vote was not heard.

Anyway I need to try to lighten up a bit, as hard as that may be.  I am wearing my safety pin.  Have you heard about the safety pin movement?  It started over with our friends in Europe after the Brexit vote, when there was a startling increase in xenophobic abuse.  Since we are seeing the same over here in the US, wearing a safely pin states to the world that you are a safe place, you are free from racism, and support all people, no matter their gender, sexual beliefs or orientation, or religious beliefs.  You are safe and they know you are supporting them.  You can read more about it here and here.

Okay now to move on........

I have another finish.  Yup another Sidewalk shawl.  Now here is the thing you know I love to do a good crochet pattern once, twice or even seven times, I am looking at you Elise Shawl.  And I could not resist this time.  I am in love with this one.  This yarn was from my very good friend and blog sister Bridget at The Ravell'd Sleave. This yarn was delivered to my door in September 2013, from a giveaway Bridget had on her blog.  She picked yarn and a few books and sent them out to several bloggers.  This yarn is gorgeous, Spirit Trail Fiberworks, Brigantia in the color Sorbet.    I used the entire 600 yards to make this shawl, well minus the 28 inches I had left at the end.  Also using a size J hook, it was a fast project and a bright color that makes me happy.  Thank you again  Bridget for thinking of me many years ago, look at this amazing project your beautiful yarn became.  I do have to admit I did not work on it the night of the election, I did not want this project to be tainted with negative energy for all eternity.

Guess who started soccer for those with different abilities?  We had our first practice yesterday.  Here he is with his helper Katie.  She was very patient with him.  While some of the kids were able to understand that soccer is actually a game and not just a ball, Little Buddy is new to this so we have a bit of learning to do.  He mostly ran around, tried to pull the cart with all the equipment in it, and frankly after 30 minutes just sat down on Katie's lap and said he was done.

He was the only player with a walker or any mobility device, and after I got home I realized that his brakes were on, those do not allow him to move backward, no wonder he got tired out so fast.  Anyway we will be returning next week and he will be able to wear his, "soccer ball shirt" as he likes to call it.  They don't have shorts small enough to fit his tiny behind.

I have to thank you all for your support.  I have to thank you for all of your kind words, kind words that I hope I leave on your blog, too.  I appreciate your concern for my feelings and for my country.  I have been so touched by your thoughts and I am grateful for your understanding.  I have one particular person who I have to thank that made me cry, literally cry.  Dayle Kasner, the wonderful husband of our friend Teresa.  Dayle, a Vietnam veteran, who is a hero to all of us, took time on Veteran's Day, a day he is to be honored, and honored me with a comment on my blog.  Dayle you are a hero to me even more now if that is even possible.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you.

Hope you have a great week.


CJ said...

It sounds as though some really hateful things have happened, I am so sorry. And for the changes that may be ahead for you and Little Buddy. The shawl is gorgeous, such a beautiful colour. Well done Little Buddy on the soccer. I hope he has fun. Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

Danette Bartelmay said...

My Sweet Meredith ~
You are a lovely, strong, courageous soul and I love you.
I admire your eloquence of thought and speech.
I love the way you forge on to take care of Little Buddy and to carry the worries of your fellow man, for that is true humanity...
Love in Action,
And I thank you for your Fine example. I am proud to call you My Friend.

As far as the "Normalcy" -
I am In Love with that Gorgeous Red Shawl ❣️
The work of your hands ... Mmmmm....
AND.... Our Little Buddy playing soccer.... now there's a sight that melts my heart! And he looks bigger to me all of a sudden!
I just love him!

P.S. Thank you for sharing about the Safety Pin because I didn't know about it.

Much Love,

Needles and Wool said...

Hi Meredith, it is so sad that you must wear a pin to show you are supportive of all people regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. I would hope that everyone would be inclusive but not everyone is and its sad. I think it is a sweet thing that you do wear the pin to show others you are there for them it is nice at a time like this when the country is divided and beliefs are questioned. That is a lovely shawl and so nice you could use yarn from your blogging friend. Buddy looks like he was enjoying himself that is great he is out there on the field and Katie does look very supportive and patient with him that is very nice. All the best to you and your family during these hard times.

Araignee said...

Daughter teaches an ice skating class for children with different abilities and I had the privilege of watching her in action this summer. I was so proud of her patience. I stood with the parents and saw the looks on their faces while their children accomplished what they thought was the impossible.
I'm putting my pin on now as I head out the door. I've been wearing my Woodstock shirt non stop hoping people would get the message.

Bridget said...

We have to go on every single day, because we have no choice. It's hard but we can do it.

OMG that shawl is gorgeous! It's a perfect match of pattern and yarn, and I am so glad you are happy with it. Wear it in good health, and know that Brigantia will protect you always.

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh when I read about poor Little Buddy trying to play with the brakes on his walker. He was probably wondering why it was so hard to move around ... but I'm so glad he is going to give it a try, I would think if nothing else he would enjoy the social aspects of it.

On to this week Meredith - let's do it. xo

mamasmercantile said...

There is so much hatred on both sides of the pond at the moment but my belief is that good will prevail over evil, don't lose faith Meredith. Sad that we are wearing pins but if it helps then it is worth it. My youngest daughter is a teacher at a special needs school working with some very special children I couldn't be more proud. Stay strong.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Meredith I have been in such fear for my daughter and so many others since this election. I love seeing Little Buddy play soccer. What a great gift for him to learn new skills. He is such a huge bright light in this world. I'm happy to say my daughter is turning her fear into helping others in her trans community. I am so so proud of her. I am praying and choosing Love!

Jo said...

We had the same over here after our Brexit vote. Everything seems to be so up in the air at the moment, we just don't know how things are going to pan out, but that's no excuse for acting in this terrible way. The shawl is gorgeous and such a pretty colour. Little Buddy makes me smile every time I see his photo, such a lovely little boy, you've been blessed.

Clicky Needles said...

Meredith, sending you hugs from across the pond. Sometimes the world seems like a rubbish place and people are so awful. Uncertain times, let's hope we all settle down. CN xxx

linda said...

I love the shawl Meredith it's beautiful, what a great stash buster. How lovely for Little Buddy I'm sure he will get the hang of it in no time bless him. I feel for you and your country and I'm hoping and praying that things wont be as bad as we fear. I didn't know about the safety pin will go and read about it now. Sending hugs your way. :) xxx

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The color is gorgeous and a very pretty pattern. A friend was just asking about an easy triangular type shawl pattern, so perhaps I will recommend this to her, though, as usual, for me, it seems a bit complicated. I'm such a lazy crocheter. :) So happy to see Z Man out there running around. Perhaps he had a nice long nap after having the brakes on the entire time. Ha! I love that he speaks his mind and when he's done, he's done. I saw Dayle's comment on your post and thought it was very touching that he reached out to you to voice his support. I actually bought safety pins when I heard about the UK movement. I will never understand how some individuals are capable of such cruelty and hatefulness. Big hugs, xoxoxoxox

Teresa Kasner said...

Hello my dear friend.. I am also not back to normal.. in fact I've been hiding in a hole all week unable to speak lest I say something I will regret.. and being that I've shared my true feelings with you.. I know you understand. But tomorrow I will endeavor to speak my mind on my blog as I feel it's my duty to go on record and make a stand. I'm wearing my safety pin and plan to decorate it with some beads. I also plan to carry some extra pins to give to people if they need one.

I adore your red shawl, it's magnificent and stately and beautiful. I have two Elise shawls and love them. The lace edging is the best part.

I'm so glad Little Buddy gets to play on a team.. it's so good for kids! He's such a doll. Please give him a hug from his blog auntie in Oregon. :-)

Dayle was so pleased to see your shout out to him on this post! He felt so compelled to support you when you got a negative comment.. he really admires and respects you because you live your life caring for others. He reads your blog faithfully. We just love you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Christina said...

I never understood how some people can be so hateful. I guess it has to do with their inability to articulate or even understand the root of their own problems and their frustration. My son James gets very angry when he is frustrated about one thing or the other, then he lashes out at us. He is only a little boy but and of course we don't tolerate his outbursts but try to give him the tools to the ability to communicate his frustration and we try to help him understand the reasons for it, and ways to deal with it. This support is what must have been missing from those hateful people, they have never learnt to deal with their frustration and anger. Enough of my rambling! The shawl you made is gorgeous and Little Buddy in his oversized footie shirt makes me giggle. I have a little boy who gets lost in his own football shirt :-) I am wishing you a less fraught week with plenty of moments of happiness. xx

alexandra s.m. said...

Beautiful shawl Meredith!
I love your pictures of Little Buddy!
I'm thinking of you everyday...I'm still so angry and upset

Sue from Oz said...

Oh Meredith, I'm sending you some hugs from across the pond! I think what we are witnessing is just so sad, irrespective of differing political views, the behaviour we are hearing about ( and reading on some blog comments) is frightening....I can't imagine what it must be like for you all to live with this.....what is happening to our world??? The safety pin idea is a good mark of solidarity...please God that it doesn't make you a target...keep on keeping us informed, as I fear here in Oz we may well be next....and go little Buddy, what a picture in his soccer gear! Stay calm and focus on the goodness around us....XXXX

Chris said...

I haven't commented as I did not know what to say - I couldn't find the words. We are still in a state of shock up here and feel great sadness and a bit fearfulness from our big neighbour. My heart literally weeps for all of you good kind people. Your comments lately have been so full of truth love and conviction. I applaud you !!!! I just can't imagine this whole thing and the impact it's having on all of you. We were talking about the safety pin project in classes this week and many of us are wearing them. Maybe this is how great changes start - from simple kind gestures that start from humble beginnings and grow to social change. We can all hope and pray .

Love our new soccer star - he's just so darn cute and his smile makes us all so happy! Your shawl is such a beautiful colour and I'm amazed you have had the presence of mind to be able to continue to create such beautiful pieces.

Anonymous said...

Little Buddy looks so cute in his soccer ball shirt. I had to laugh about the brakes being on Moms, haven't we ALL done something similar. LOL I'm sure my son could give you PLENTY of examples.

Your shawl turned out beautiful. I bet you were sweating those last few stitches. 28 inches isn't much yarn left. ;-) Glad it all worked out well.

Mac n' Janet said...

It will get better, I believe that, I trust in a power higher than our own, call it what you will. People will continue to to care for each other, we'll love one another and the future will be better.
Much love to you and Buddy.

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Your shawl is so pretty! You do amazing work, Mere! And little Buddy is so fun in the soccer field. I hope the brakes are off next time too! So much easier that way!
There is so much protesting going on in Portland this weekend, that it makes me sad and upset at same time. We were to go there 2x but different days and didn't becuz of roads, including interstates being blocked! Sigh!
Keep on believing that life will get better and find some joy and thankfulness in your day. It helps.
Dale, Teresa's husband, is such a great man to be around. I've met him a few times and so thankful to know him and Teresa.
God bless and take, my friend, Becky

Toni said...

Little Buddy is so adorable!!! I'm still reeling--I never believed that a message of so much hate would ever even be tolerated here, much less elected. :(

Babajeza said...

I feel like crocheting this beautiful shawl and staying home today. :-) Ahhhh, wouldn't that be nice? You know, we can't just stay home, close your eyes, we have to face the reality in all its ugliness. Hopefully, you will see A LOT of kindness today, because it's there. Wish you all the best. Regula

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Beautiful shawl in one of my favorite colors! So fun to see Little Buddy taking up socker. Good for him and how fun for you to go and watch. I am wearing my safety pin as well and trying to get out of the slump I'm in. Managed to do a little fiber prep's a start.

Nance said...

Poor LB! I feel like he did, dragging around with my brakes on. It has been a difficult (and weighty) several days, to say the least.

I heard about the Safety Pin Movement and just mentioned it to another blogger who is also struggling for meaningful expression. I'm adding it to my sidebar with some info.

Lovely shawl, as usual. I'm shawling away, too, and using it for Therapy. It's rewarding to see something productive come out of being so pensive.

Take care.

kathy b said...

Dayle left a comment! THat is awesome . The Pin wearing is wonderful. I love your crochet work. It is so elegant. As for soccer, oops on the brakes! Now Lil buddy will think its an easy sport hereafter! Such cute photos!

Maggie said...

Dear Meredith, I did not know about the safety pin movement before today but will certainly try and find out more now.
Lovely shawl, how talented you are.

Caffeine Girl said...

I love that LB is starting soccer. He will figure out what it's about and it's such a good way to make friends.
Beautiful shawl! Some yarn needs to marinate before it finds the right project.
As for our country, I don't know what to say. I so worried about my students, most of whom receive various types of aid. This election may hurt the most vulnerable among us.

Jo said...

I think your shawl is beautiful and I am sure you will make another. I think Buddy will really enjoy his soccer sessions once he gets the hang of it and of course no brakes! I am off to find a whopping big safety pin... Jo xxx

Vera said...

Your shawl is gorgeous!! And Little Buddy - so glad he is on a sports team. I bet he ends up loving it (once his brakes are not on - lol). I'm still feeling as though I'm in a time warp. I'm a firm believer in things happening for a reason...but it sure is hard to figure this past week out or see any reason to it. xoxo, vera

Melanie said...

I love that Little Buddy has started soccer ~ and that there are wonderful young people out there who want to work with children with different disabilities. God bless all of them. You shawl is absolutely gorgeous, Mere...your handiwork is amazing.

Judy S. said...

Sending lots of hugs from our corner of the map to yours. Hopefully love will win out over hate. Gosh, I'll bet LB will be surprised at his speed when he plays sans brakes. Love your shawl; I'll bet it looks terrific on you, too.
Hang in there.

Blondie's Journal said...

I read your last post , Meredith, and I think you handled the situation with the 'haters' very well. Having a blog is not an invitation to people to come, read and attack. There is no excuse for bad manners. I understand we are a nation divided but if we sink to the level of those who revel in attacking people with opinions that differ from them, well, we are going nowhere fast. You spoke your mind very graciously.

Love the shawl, that's a very pretty color. I like your work, it's very contemporary.

Little Z is precious. Think how hard and fast he's going to go on that soccer field without the brake on! lol!

Jane x

Hindustanka said...

Hi Meredith! It has been a while since I visited your blog! But I am back.
I am so proud to see you a strong woman, who is able to move on and create such lovely crochet things!
Your Little Buddy is so cute, I wish him to start liking soccer more and be always happy!!
I am also sending my prayers for you and all Americans, you guys need to be strong! I wish I could change what had happened, but can't of course.
Be happy and take care of your self and family.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

I cannot tell you how absolutely shocked I was to hear the results of the U.S. election. There are people crying all over the world for all the beautiful citizens in America that will be negatively affected. I send love to you and support, and hope that all turns out better than it seems right now.

Too bad about the brakes, but he's just a little stronger now. So fantastic to see him out there.

Stunning shawl. I'll bet you look amazing in it.

All my best,

Willow said...

I am amazed at your crocheting skills. The shawl is beautiful!
"Soccer ball shirt"--that's so cute!

Heldasland said...

Dear lady, it has been such a very difficult time for us all . Something is wrong, here in the UK I am so ashamed of the Brexit vote.I cant help feeling the same as you. why is everyone so full of hate? all I can say is thank God for crochet .
Your shawl is stunning. Sends hugs and kisses

Mylittlepieceofengland said...

Beautiful shawl as all your work is. Little Buddy is a shining light, hope to,see him in his new shirt soon xx

Gracie Saylor said...

Dear Meredith,

While I have visited a few blogs in the last few weeks and left some comments, I feel so much grief for the pain and division in our nation and my part in it that I have paused, maybe permanently, in publishing posts. In a comment to you weeks ago I typed that I planned to vote for HC and I did up until just before leaving to visit in CA with my sisters when I filled out my ballot and voted with great reluctance for DT.

Please forgive me for the stress, and worry, and pain that my vote is causing you. It was never my intent to harm you or yours or anyone in any way.

As one who is still trying to be a loving Christ follower, I can understand how it seems my vote demonstrates my failure to be one, but I am still trying to be one none the less, and am committed to growing in my ability to live lovingly.

Meredith, you are often in my thoughts with love even though we have yet to meet face to face. I admire you: your many gifts and talents... your speed and energy and beauty. Thanks for letting us enjoy viewing your new pretty red shawl.

I am cheering on Little Buddy as he learns to play soccer with the brakes off of his walker :)

Love with hugs,

Jodiebodie said...

A beautiful shawl finished with an attractive pin brings some solace. We can still find joy in pretty things and in appreciation of our handiwork.

I didn't know what the safety pin thing was. I had heard passing references to it but never an explanation so thank you. I like the idea of adding pretty beads to the pin - another way to release the urge to be creative and artistic in the simplest things.

It would be reassuring to so many to see the number of people with safety pins outnumber those without as long as those who wear them 'practise what they preach'.

It is true that 'actions speak louder than words' but we need to remember that words do affect people and will influence actions. Now is the time for all the good-intentioned people of the world to take action and use words carefully to overcome the negative effects of the damaging words we have heard.

I agree with a previous comment (by Christina?) here about people not learning how to cope as children which then translates to communication issues later. I believe that there needs to be better education about child development and parenting for everyone, for new parents in particular, and more support available to help parents cope with stress etc. For more confident and secure people (children and adults) and better outcomes in society.

Let's throw knitting and crochet into that curriculum for the stress-relief and other benefits. I know I already feel better for having seen your beautiful shawl photos today, Meredith xx