Sunday, May 7, 2017

A little catch up and a LOT of disgust.......

Hi everybody!  How are all of you?  We are hanging in there with lots of things going on.  First of all someone is really enjoying the pool.  He is able to do all the things in the pool he was able to accomplish last summer already!  Our goal this year is to swim across the pool taking a breath, wouldn't that be something?  And we have the perfect teacher to help, Mr. 23 has returned home for good.  He will be starting a new job in Tampa next month.  He arrived late Thursday evening after driving straight through from Columbus.  Little Buddy keeps asking when his oldest brother is leaving, because in the past he has always returned to Ohio.  Mr. 23, an ex-swimmer, was also a swim teacher, he is the perfect person for the job of teaching Little Buddy how to breathe during his swimming.

Not to be outdone, Mr. 19 has returned home for six weeks, until he starts summer semester in Orlando.  We are all in the same house for the next six weeks, it will be fun and crazy but really lovely to all be together.  Little Buddy has never had both brothers living at home.  This is a special bonding time for him.  And might I add for the big brothers too, they love this little boy so much.

More Mr. 19 news, he will become Mr. 20 tomorrow.  How did that happen?  How did he grow up so fast?  I remember him in little bumble bee soccer when he was up on his toes, with two fingers out pretending he was a T-Rex on the soccer field.  Now he will be starting his junior year in college soon.  

Another South Bay Shawlette is off the hook.  This one is for Mr. 23's girlfriends mother.  Did you follow that?  They are having a surprise 60th birthday for her in June, and although we were invited we can't go so I am sending this instead.

Here are the particulars, made with Malabrigo Silky Merino in the colorway #157 Amoroso.  I used 4 skeins of yarn, from my stash, a total of 600 yards, and a size H hook.  It blocked out beautifully.  I sure hope it is well received.  

As for being disgusted after this weeks vote on healthcare I am sure you know where I stand.  If this horrible bill goes through, which I am praying it does not, I think all those who voted in favor of it should be held responsible for all of the people it is going to hurt.  Just like those who get in a fight are responsible for the injuries they cause in a barroom brawl, because there will be casualties to this law.  And a big casualty will be Little Buddy and what he needs to survive and to become an independent young man.  All of the children I work with would meet their maximum Medicaid lifetime payout within months of just being born.  Of course I will be a casualty too as I have a pre-existing condition, cancer.  How many of us don't?  And with larger companies not having to provide health insurance at the rate they do now many of us will have our insurance lapse causing us to not meet the requirement of continued care. Here is a simple solution, we all get the same care that our government representatives get at the same cost.  Notice none of them are willing to change their excellent, reasonably priced healthcare for the bill they submitted and supported. Take what we have and fix it for the better.  Don't endanger people.  You knew I would have something to say about it and frankly if you voted in favor of those representative and our current president that just makes me so, so sad.  We are better than that.  As the Bible says, "Do onto others as you would have them do to you."  Help people to get the care they need, when they need it.  Enough said.


Caffeine Girl said...

How wonderful to have everyone together. Exhausting! But in the best of ways. And the joy will far outweigh the craziness. I can imagine how excited LB is to have two big brothers at once!

They do grow up so fast! Seth finished his last set of finals Friday and will go into his year of rotations next week. Then he will be a veterinarian! This kid barely passed biology in 10th grade.

Of course I am with you on the health care vote. Most of my students are on some form of Medicaid. And my son is on Obamacare. My husband and I both have pre-existing conditions. I just have to believe that the Senate won't agree to this insane plan.

Mac n' Janet said...

How wonderful to have your whole family together! it is sad about the health bill, they could have fixed the parts of the Affordable Care Act that needed fixing instead of replacing it with c**p. Hope it gets modified or stopped in the Senate. I'm surprised they didn't make being alive an existing condition and not coverable.

bittenbyknittin said...

I wasn't in favor of a single payer system at first, but now I am. It is the only way to fairly cover everyone, especially the vulnerable. Rest assured I write my congressman and senators regularly on this and other issues. It's just absurd.

Enjoy having the whole family home!

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm super pleased to hear that both your young men are home for an extended time. I know how much you love to have all your babies in the nest. I know also that you'll enjoy having their help and encouragement for Little Buddy. He looks very cute swimming away. You are so generous and kind to make that gorgeous shawl for your son's GF's mom! I love the mix of red and purple.. it's gorgeous!

Now.. you know I stand by your side on this healthcare debacle. I am so proud that I did not cast a vote for any of the people who are destroying our country and inflicting so much worry and unhappiness.. and future loss and even death.. to the people of this land. I am also proud to be wearing the mantle of THE RESISTANCE. I will vow to do whatever I can to support all people of all colors and religions and ages so that they can live safely in this country. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Lisa said...

The next few weeks will be such fun with everyone home, how exciting. Handmade gifts are the best. The shawl is beautiful. I think it will be the perfect gift. I was heartbroken over the beginning of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. I try not to be a pessimist but I can't imagine this is going to end well. Have a lovely week, Lisa

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Good family time ahead.

Heart breaking regarding the health care callous mess. No humanity, care for fellow man, no reality seen by those who are pushing this forward.



Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I'm happy Buddy is enjoying the pool and his big brothers as well. Your shawl you crocheted is lovely. I'm sure the recipient will enjoy it. Oh the government and their wiles of putting people's healthcare system into non-existence is not good. I read the list of pre-existing conditions. Just about every body is on that. And if not, eventually they will be. All 3 of us here are in there a few times. Praying for a better outcome. Take care and have a good week, in spite of it all!

Babajeza said...

Sad times, really! I don't know how much people bear until they wake up. It's not happening in France, in Germany, in Switzerland. And if it happens, and people protest in masses (like in Brazil), the media don't write about it. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. The ones in charge don't give a sh ... Hugs to you! Regula

Anonymous said...

That's terrible to read about the health care! I'm right behind you!
There's almost the same issue in Belgium and it makes me very angry. People don't choose to be ill, so help them as much as you can! They're rising the price of medication overhere so that they cost almost 10 times the price of the same medecine in our neighbourland. It's not fair and I think they are being so selfish!
Luckily you have your sons at home to calm and ease your soul a bit.
I can almost see the letters in your text dansing of joy :-)
I hope you all have a good time together.
Take care, Sigrid

Betsy said...

What a great picture of your little guy. I just love his sweet little face. I can just imagine how happy your Mama's heart is to have all three of your boys at home under one roof. And to have Mr. 23 moving back home permanently is just the icing on the cake. I would love to have one of my children living close by. I think the way we will accomplish that is by moving back to the Midwest when my husband retires so we can be closer to family. We will hate to leave the northwest, but those family ties are strong. I know you enjoy having your whole family together again.
Blessings, Betsy

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Love the shawl and it will be so nice for you and Little B to have his big brothers around for a while. Sounds like he's quite the little swimmer already. I share your concerns about our health care situation and we're not alone either. It's going to affect so many of us if it goes through the way it is now. I'm hoping it won't make it through the senate as it is. This is all such a nighmare! Perhaps this will wake up some of his followers as most of them will be affected by this too.

mamasmercantile said...

I am deeply saddened to hear about the medical aid loss. However, I am thrilled to hear that you will have your boys all together, what a blessing. Little Buddy will be in his element. Loved the shawl such beautiful colours.

linda said...

Happy Birthday to your son Meredith and how lovely to have your eldest home for good, Little Buddy's going to have such a great time with his brothers. The shawl is beautiful and of course it will be well received, she will love it and be so touched that you made it for her. :) xx

CJ said...

Lovely that your boys are all together for a while, and that you have Mr 23 home with you now, I know how you will love that. I hope Mr 19 has a great birthday. The shawl is gorgeous, I'm sure Mr 23's girlfriend's mother will cherish it. Well done Little Buddy on the excellent swimming, he is quite the water baby I think.

I agree with what you say about the new bill. Quite disgraceful that it is not good enough for the government representatives and yet they expect others to accept it. Shame on them. It seems that those whose need is the most and who are most vulnerable are being treated appallingly. Having medical needs is hard enough without the stress of having to worry about money. CJ xx

Christina said...

How wonderful to have all your boys under one roof - for a while at least. Little Buddy looks super confident in the water! The Malabrigo colour way Amoroso is one of my favourite colour ways ever. I have some aran weight stashed away for a hat or something.
Keeping my fingers crossed for your healthcare provision - what a disaster. Of course those deciding don't really understand what it means to be insufficiently covered. Maybe a few months without appropriate healthcare should be compulsory for everyone deciding on such important matters! Sending hugs xx

Araignee said...

I donated to all the dem candidates in swing states and then some. If Daddio gets tossed onto the curb from the medicaid cut I'll be sitting out in front of the White House with him. Look for me on the news.

Nance said...

My husband and I are on the preexisting conditions list as well. My migraine meds alone, without insurance, would cost me thousands and thousands of dollars PER MONTH, and that is ONE PRESCRIPTION only. And there are three children on our street alone who are receiving special services at school. All of that would be gone.

I am thankful that France, at least, did not fall for the Tactics Of Fear And Ignorance.

Enjoy your full house of boys! It sounds like a lot of fun.

kristieinbc said...

What a special time you have ahead of you with all your boys at home together! Little Buddy will probably make huge progress in the pool with a big brother to cheer him on. As for the healthcare fiasco, I wish I could magically transform things so you have the same system of healthcare I do. Which also happens to be the same system every other Canadian has, no matter what their income, preexisting conditions, age, gender, or anything else happens to be.

kathy b said...

Yet another magnificent shawl. Love the colorway.
Love that your family is going to be together for a good summer chunk!
Love that lil b is learning water safety and swim from big bro!!
Our government...I pray and pray about it.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am so happy that all the boys will be home for awhile and you can enjoy some special family time. Love that shawl and I can't imagine anyone not loving it. As for the 'health care' bill....I'm just flat out pissed and disgusted. Little Buddy looks to be doing great and that makes me happy to see it. Tiger lost his first tooth last week, oh my, another growing up moment! Hugs!

20 North Ora said...

What an exciting summer it will be! Love that shawl! Beautiful work.


Karen said...

It's so disheartening to see our congressmen make such terrible choices for all of us. I've worked in the mental health industry for almost 20 years, and in that time there have been huge strides made in insurance coverage. If the bill passes, it will set us back for sure.

Mylittlepieceofengland said...

How lovely to have all your boys together. The shawl is so beautiful, I love the red xx

Acorn to Oak said...

How wonderful to have all your boys at home!

The shawl is beautiful! I love the Southbay Shawl. I've made MANY!

You have cancer?! I had no idea. I guess I missed that story during my long time away from blogging. I hope it's curable and that you'll be ok!

I agree...this healthcare situation is such a mess and I'm so scared about what could happen. I'm still holding out hope that they won't screw it up. It's already so expensive. But, at least there are some safeguards that have been good for so many.

Love and hugs!

Needles and Wool said...

It sounds wonderful you have your sons living at home again for awhile. I am sure little Buddy will really enjoy that as will you! That is so nice you made the shawl for your son's girlfriend's mother I am sure she will enjoy it! take care!

Gracie Saylor said...

You have made another lovely gift, Meredith. Thanks for letting me admire the gorgeous colors and pattern and your able craftsmanship. I hope your now twenty-year-old has a happy year, along with you, your husband and other sons. Enjoy your special family time together and please give Max love pats from me.

I have emailed my senators and asked them to fight for all our citizens to receive the good health care coverage that the senators enjoy, or to tell me why they are not fighting for us for that same good health care. This is a grassroots, nonpartisan position I have been aware of for years wherever I have lived, and I am praying that now is the time it will finally be put into law.

I have never known a time when there was not injustice, greed, pride, waste, and fear for safety and provision in the world around me. Forty-six years ago, my first vote went to someone who was impeached. Talk about being embarrassed, angry and disillusioned! Although I have consistently voted for candidates I hoped were conservative and aimed to work for a balanced budget, I found/find fault with any person I vote for as well as with myself. I expect imperfection from myself and others because I believe every human is imperfect. [No offense intended to anyone!] Some individuals are totally dependent due to their age or their health. As one who tries to follow Christ, I believe Christ calls me to care for others, especially those who are totally dependent. My track record for caring for others always needs improvement, and by the grace of God, I will get better and better at caring before it is my time to die.

Should your worst fears become reality, and you and your family be in need, I will do all I can to help you, which might be an empty promise since I will probably be in the same boat as you, and that is really the bottom line, Meredith.

My vote [and the votes of those in my nearby personal circle of family and friends who voted as I did, were/] was not a vote with hate or malice toward anyone. Most I know who voted as I did are even university graduates and some with advanced degrees. We want liberty and justice for all with a rule of law that is upheld or changed for the better through the constitutional processes established.

Again I ask your forgiveness if I have offended you by my vote, or in any other way, Meredith. As I understand the Golden Rule it includes being merciful and forgiving and can even call us to lay down our life for each other. Personally, I think that can only be accomplished through God's Holy Spirit empowerment which is why I continue to pray regularly for God's mercy and redemption and empowerment, for myself, and others and especially those in authority.

Believe it or not, you are regularly in my thoughts with love. I am cheering you on to enjoy the life you have.

Gracie xxxxxxxx

gigi knits said...

There is nothing better than having your family all together at same time .
When are these ppl going to wake up to Trump . He doesn't have any feeling for he average American family
Because him & his family have never had to walk in our shoes. And have no idea what the average American life is like.Without the health care we have Now we wouldn't have
My sweet little grandson beauce my granddaughter had to have IVF .Thank God for the insurance she had .

Anonymous said...

So glad you have ALL your boys at home for awhile. Congrats to Mr. 23 on the new job. What will he be doing?

LB looks like he LOVES being in the pool! How nice to have his own private live-in swim teacher. LOL

Judy S. said...

Sounds like your household is going to be a very busy one! Great to have everyone together, isn't it? Enjoy! Love that beautiful red shawl; what a nice gift!

Anonymous said...

I read your post last week at work so I can't always comment with my phonebut the shawl is amazing. I may have to try that pattern. Jo x

Jodiebodie said...

Nice to see you back to blogging! I'm a bit late in responding because I don't trust my phone for leaving comments and it has been a while since I could sit properly at my computer.

Are you enjoying the warmer weather? It will be so good for LB to get into the pool. I didn't know your Mr 23 had swimming instruction qualifications. What a perfect pairing those two boys will be this summer.

I'm sure you will be in your element to have everyone home at once, even if for only 6 weeks.

Your shawl looks absolutely beautiful. It will be most appreciated, no doubt about it. The red/pink colour combination gives it pizzazz.

Healthcare is becoming a political hot potato across the globe right now. It is a big issue in Australia and Canada as well as the USA. I hope that the bad changes you fear do not pass through your parliament and that reason, compassion and humanity prevail throughout any legislative change.

"Don't let the turkeys get you down!" That is what we used to say back in the 80s! Enjoy your family time xxx

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Little B just keeps growing with leaps and bounds. So far the only thing I've seen come out of this administration is chaos and confusion when what everyone needs is focus and direction. And people still say he's doing a great job. Really? :/ I'm glad to hear your boys are all together for a while. Gorgeous shawl!