Sunday, December 16, 2018

Getting ready and a big finish.....

This little one was not feeling well on Friday.  He woke up crying with a,"fever" although no actual fever, I think to Little Buddy that means he isn't feeling well.  He spent about seven hours on the sofa watching his shows before he managed to plop down on the floor for a bit.  By late afternoon he was feeling better and by yesterday he was back to normal.  Whatever it was it did not last long and luckily there were no messes to clean up, just a quiet boy to attend to.  As for me it forced me to stay home and get things done.  Things I had already planned to do but also with a trip out to get last minute gifts for therapists and office staff.  Oh well, we will get to those this week.  I did type up two major re-evaluations for work so I am done with my intense paperwork for the month.  Next year things will be different at work.  They are changing the major provider for medically fragile children in Florida.  I am not sure if I will be able to see the children I do, at the frequency I see them, or the duration they need, it is all a mess right now.  I am not sure if Little Buddy will still get the services he so desperately needs.  I know, not the best news before Christmas but there you have it.  Our current Governor has not been kind to people and children who have special issues and need services to help them function at their most independent level.

As I have been visiting just a few blogs this weekend trying to catch up I see so many beautiful Christmas decorations all around.  I had to laugh because if you look at the two photos above you think I have it all together.  Yet if you just shift to the right you will see the following area below.

My dining room table is covered with presents for the kids I work with, Little Buddy's baby sitter and therapists.  It is a big ole mess, but an organized one.  While stranded at home on Friday I got all this done so I can deliver them this week.  I also have oats and glitter to make reindeer food with my little ones, cotton balls and paper plates to make Santa's, it is a tradition the week before Christmas to do these activities and it is amazing that even the older kids still love to do them.

This was taken this morning as the morning light started to peek through the clouds.  I have so many photos of Max in this very spot, searching the woods for squirrels and deer.  I have not officially forgiven the boys for their escape earlier this week, but I am thawing.  All the children in our school district have a color chart behavior system that the teacher indicates in their planner how they did that day.  Each child starts on green, and if you stay on green you have had a good day.  If you move up to orange or blue your day has been fantastic with blue being the best day.  But you can also move down to yellow and red, red being very, very bad.  I made a chart on a small chalkboard we have and put Hank and Bear on red after their escapade.  Little Buddy thought this was so funny.  He wanted them moved up to yellow and then green far earlier than I did.  He actually asked me to move them up because they were making good choices now.  So there you have it they are back on green and all is well.

I have a finish can you believe it?  I know with all that is going on this time of year and with work I actually have found time on the weekends to work on this sweater.  I started it is November and finished it yesterday.  Hooray!  This is the Slouchy Stripe Cardigan by Ashleigh Kiser.  I loved the pattern, it has written directions, photos and a graph which makes it super easy to follow.  It was a very fast project.  If I had serious time to crochet it would have been done in a week or two.  But seriously, who has that much time to crochet this time of year?

Made with a size J hook and 7 skeins of ZZ Twist yarn by Lion Brand, in the color Silver Agent.  ZZ Twist yarn is made with crocheters in mind, and I have to say I like the yarn.  It did not split and is durable.  I am not usually an acrylic fan, but for this sweater it is perfect as it makes it light weight and washable.  I think about 1,700 yards were used to make this up, not much was left at the end.  I bought it at Joann's on sale so that is an even bigger bonus.  I did make some modifications on this sweater.  Instead of joining in the round while making the sleeves, I picked up the stitches at the sleeve and crocheted back and forth leaving an opening to sew up later.

I think the seam looks better sewn up instead of joining in the round as I am notoriously bad at that.  My joined seams are all sorts of wonky.  I also extended the collar for 11 rows or basically until I ran out of yarn.

I actually wore it this morning for a few hours before it got too warm out.  I think it fits really well and I am so excited to have made something I will actually wear!  I mean I am usually all about the project and not about the product.  I have a million shawls I have given away because I love making them but rarely wear them.  It feels good to have a good finish.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.  I better get going on more Christmas stuff.


Jo said...

The cardigan is lovely and it really suits you. I had to laugh at Hank and Bear's colour chart, I wouldn't have been able to put them on red though, not with those cute faces. Glad to hear that Little Buddy is well again and that his 'fever' didn't last long.

Jo said...

Oh my how did you find the time to make that wonderful cardigan? Amazing. It is lovely and really suits your jeans and T combo. It is so cold here I can't even imagine taking off one of my three layers! Enjoy your last week before Christmas. Jo x

busybusybeejay said...

I am just like you.I love making shawls but then don't know what to do with them.I am frantically knitting a shawl for my daughter.The pattern is Be Simple and is free on Ravelry.It is simple but. very effective.I only bought the wool last Thursday and want it finished by this Wednesday or maybe not.I am sorry Little Buddy has not been well.Such a sad face in the photo.Is he excited about Christmas?Barbarax
love the jacket.I can't follow crochet patterns as I am left handed and the patterns are usually written for right handers.

Between Me and You said...

Oh your poor little boy looks so sickly. Glad he's made a quick recovery. Scarlet Fever for our little-est one this week but the penicillin which was prescribed worked wonders. I'll have to backtrack on your blog to see what those furry boys have been up to but I hope it was nothing too awful, they look like furry angels!You're so productive, Meredith and your cardi is perfect on you. Happy week to

Jodiebodie said...

Hi Meredith, it must be a load off your shoulders to get that major paperwork out of the way so you can better focus on Christmas and family.

The changes to care for people with disabilities is a worry. There are disturbing trends around the world in countries that should know better like the UK and Australia. Our new system has been problemstic in my state. Welfare systems in Australia are punitive rather than supportive. More people are falling through cracks into poverty, homelessness and poor health outcomes. It is supposed to be a safety net to prevent those things.
As for LB I will keep my fingers crossed that you will be able to obtain what he needs.
I got my latest round of paperwork complete a couple of weeks ago allowing some rest and headspace for crochet and Christmas planning (and a touch of blogging).
Have fun delivering all your gifts and I wish you and all the family well for a merry Christmas xxx

bittenbyknittin said...

What a cute sweater! I have not crocheted anything major in quite a while, but this one is tempting. Glad LB was not sick-sick; I've been down for most of the past week with a virus that has been going around, now feel like I am fighting a cold. One of my dogs escaped a while ago, but since he was wearing his e-collar, I was able to re-call him (he had just gone around the corner, it turned out). A life saver, even if we don't have crocodiles around here!

Janice Smith said...

You look marvelous, simply marvelous. :-)
I’m glad Little Buddy is feeling better.

Caffeine Girl said...

To warm for a sweater?! Ha, ha! It was warm here this weekend -- perfect sweater weather. I think I'd miss winter if I moved to Florida. But your sweater is beautiful -- and it fits you perfectly. As my grandmother would say: Wear it in good health.

Thanks for the house honesty. I have a whole extra bedroom strewn with wrapped and unwrapped gifts. Must get everything in the mail soon! It is just such a huge job. At least Rachel will be here, so I don't have to wrap her gifts. But I do need to wrap them and clean up that room by Friday -- because that's when she arrives and that's her bedroom.

LB looks "droopy," which was the word my son used when he didn't feel well. I'm glad it came with no messes.

Karen said...

That is the saddest little face in the top photo. So unlike his usual bright smile:) I love the sweater! I bought some yarn today to make hats for my two grandkids -- mindless knitting that I can do while I watch t.v. I would love to make sweaters for myself so that I could get the extra length that I need.

Araignee said...

The cardigan is fabulous!! The drape is just perfect. It looks so comfy.

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm so glad your little guy didn't have a worse illness and bounced back quickly. Bravo on the sweater finish, you look gorgeous in it! I actually like seeing your table piled with presents and wrapping and all.. it's part of the whole holiday thing, isn't it? I'm glad your fur boys are out of the red zone.. I'm sure they didn't mean to cause so much worry.. they will probably always remember their "call of the wild" adventure. Thanks for all the comments today! :-) You're such a darling. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

*M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*

Blondie's Journal said...

My pediatrician told me once that children get sick fast and recover fast. That was very true with my kids. I hope that's what you find with your little guy.

My house is a royal mess. I got a late start on decorating and then threw in the towel. We cleaned up things in a New York minute yesterday my son and his little boy were coming to visit. Def have to childproof. Funny how just pushing things into a corner, stacked nicely can clean up a room!

Very pretty sweater and you look lovely wearing it! :-D


Babajeza said...

The cardigan is perfect. Have a good week with your kids. I wish you luck with the reorganisation of your work. Hugs, Regula

Lorrie said...

Your cardigan looks cozy and comfortable - well done! So sorry Little Buddy felt unwell.
I think most bloggers' photos focus on the pretty parts and there are likely big ole messes behind the a lot of scenes.
Hope your week goes well.

Dee said...

You look beautiful in your new sweater. It looks like the perfect sweater to easily throw on anytime.

Your pups are so adorable .... I can see why Little Buddy wants them to have a "green day".

eclectichomelife said...

Meredith, it is happening all over the world, resources and those most at need are in short supply and left to muddle through. I hope in my heart that the new year on this front will be better for you all than you fear. Love the chart idea and your cardigan is FABULOUS

MargaretP said...

Good to hear Buddy is feeling better and the fury boys are not permanently in the naughty corner.
The cardigan looks fabulous and is probably going to get lots of wear, it looks very versatile with the colour and design able to go with anything.
I think I would like to do it in a nice soft cotton, it would be sooo comfy to pop on when it gets just a little chill in the air even in Summer.

gaia said...

Dear Meredith,
It is indeed a fabulous cardigan!
I wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

Pam said...

Even with a sad face buddy is as cute as can be. Love that crochet cardigan, I can crochet but not to that standard.

tammy j said...

that little face is so sad. and look at the pink color of his ear!
you'd know he's not feeling well just by looking at him. I'm so glad it didn't last long.
and please put the boys in at least Green! they've already forgotten about their adventure! all they know is that Mom is still mad at them for some reason! :)
and the fact that your governor and the current president are making sure that there is no help... and that dedicated people like yourself have to function without the necessary help they need... oh don't get me started.
I LOVE the picture of you and your long cardigan! it's beautiful. the fact that you could finish it at all in this busiest time of year?!!! WOW!
Mere... I am wondering if you have ever heard of Voxx Socks and Insoles. when I watched this I couldn't wait to mention it to you. it's worth checking out if you haven't heard. we're so used to Big Pharma and their money oriented structure. it's strange to find a non invasive or drug related product that simply wants to help people. and that WORKS!!! I have essential tremor in my hands... the right one especially. and I'm starting to have balance problems. so I am definitely going to try them. this video is well worth watching. it explains the science behind them. if the link doesn't come through just google Voxx Socks and Insoles. I learned of them through a blogger with balance problems. then I started watching the MS people who use them and how they're amazing. I don't mean to be intrusive with it but you might find them at least interesting! see what you think. (all ages can use them.)
I hope your work week is wonderful. rest whenever you can! xoxo

karen said...

He looks kind of sad, glad that it was a quick virus! Love your cardi and you in it - beautiful!! Also I love seeing corners of your house, so pretty especially the staircase.

Nance said...

That cardigan really was the right gift for yourself. Nicely done!

I wish I could say that your fur sons were merely enjoying the view at that doorway and not planning/thinking of their next adventure, but...!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sweet Little Buddy. That face. Glad he is feeling better. So much to do this time of year but hopefully time for our families also. Love the sweater on you. Oh those furry boys make me smile. Hugs and Merry Christmas.

kathy b said...

So so very happy that LIl buddy is over whatever it was and quickly !!!! That's a Christmas miracle.
I pray the servces he needs and others are not taken away. I am not sure if the Barn has any funding that would go away. I dont' think so. I hope not ; our students need their horse time.

I LOVE your sweater. We are off to the barn even tho we are on break, because the stalls still need cleaning and the people there are so good.

Vera said...

Hope Little Buddy is feeling better. That is a gorgeous cardigan Mere!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The cardigan looks fantastic

You should see my diningroom table - it's the household dumping ground... I don't think we've eaten on it in years!

CJ said...

Gorgeous cardigan, what a lovely shape, and a beautiful photo of you, so nice to see. Sorry things are so up in the air for next year, it's not good. Dear puppies, the red card made me laugh, the littlest boy has a similar thing at his school. Bless Little Buddy for wanting them back on a good colour. Glad he's feeling better now, and wishing you both a good week. CJ xx

Christina said...

Gorgeous cardigan Meredith! It is cardigan and wooly undies kind of weather here but unfortunately, none of my cardigans are as beautiful as yours. Glad LB is feeling better xx

Anonymous said...

Hello sweet Meredith. I’m very late in commenting but I had my procedure this morning and it’s taken me all day to shake the anesthesia. Let me just say, it was not fun.
I’m sorry that your little guy has been ill. You can just see it in his little face. I do love your new sweater. I haven’t made any garments with rocket for several years and I need to find something like this beautiful sweater to make soon. I hope your week goes smoothly for you my friend. Many Blessings always, Betsy

DelightedHands said...

What a fantastic finish!!!!! The sweater looks so good on you!
I laugh at the color chart for the dogs....

Lowcarb team member said...

Pleased to read that Little Buddy is well again and that his 'fever' didn't last long.
I think your cardigan is lovely and it suits you :)

All the best Jan

Melanie said...

I knew LB was sick the minute I saw his photo! Glad he recovered so quickly. Your cardigan is gorgeous. I am always amazed at your work and how in the world you find time to do it! I just now read the post about the dogs escaping. Oh, my gosh! My beloved cat, Zippo who passed away last month, was an escape artist. I know that when he was missing and we couldn't find him, our hearts were always in our throats. It's a horrible feeling to think that maybe they got hit by a car or a coyote got them. So glad you found them and that they were safe. xoxo

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Little Buddy's face just broke my heart. It's just so awful having a sick little one.

Your cardigan is beautiful. You did a great job! It feels so good to finish a project! I have one or 2 I'd like to check off my list this winter.

Have a very Merry Christmas!