Sunday, July 14, 2019

A crabby boy and a bit of new yarn....or a LOT of new yarn!

This has been a tough weekend for one little boy.  He had to get the dreaded Botox shots in his legs on Friday and while he made it through easier than in the past, the weekend after the shots has been really tough.  He gets Valium and pain medication before the procedure, plus I put pain numbing lotion on his legs and wrap them in plastic wrap.  He did great during the shots, fussing and crying but not screaming as he did in the past.  After the shots we went to visit his medical foster family.  They live ten minutes from the doctors office, they still love him as much as they did the day he came to live with me.  This boy, who had enough medication in him to make an adult slur their words and fall asleep, walked around talking to everyone and did not even lose his balance.  He did not miss a beat.

I still work in this lovely home with children in need three times a week so they hear all the funny Little Buddy stories I have.  Here are Todd and Jeannette with their brand new baby granddaughter.  She is the baby I recently made the light grey and pink crochet baby blanket for.  When we left, Little B cried half way home until he fell asleep.  He slept on after we got home and I thought he would feel better, but as he says he was just not right.

Saturday continued with a highly sensitive boy.  He was upset about everything!  I was hoping the medication would be out of his system but apparently not.  We had a PJ day, trying to have no expectations but as you know even the most patient Mom (which I am not but hope to be at some point) can lose her temper a bit.  I sent this boy to his room to have some quiet time and look what I found, Little B asleep on the floor.  I covered him up and let him be.  The next time I checked he was in the rocking chair sleeping so I scooped him up and rocked him for an hour until he woke up.  We still have a sensitive boy today, I am so hoping we are over all of this by tomorrow.

There just might be a LOT of yarn added to my stash lately.

Before my trip We Are Knitters just happened to be having a 30% off sale.  I ordered some yarn in the cranberry color above and khaki color below, and it arrived while I was on my trip to NC.  Don't be fooled by the three balls of cranberry, I made a mistake and ordered 8.  Five of them are in my project basket to make another Ete Cardigan, this one for myself.  I appreciate all your lovely comments about my finished sweater.  I gave it to the young woman I have been working on for years today, she seemed so happy, and it fit her perfectly!

Back to the new yarn, I was really drawn to the khaki color yarn, a color I am not used to making things with.  Maybe I'll make another Ete Cardigan or something else, who knows?

The sale was still on when I returned from NC.  Believe me I kept getting notices about it all the time.  I decided to jump in and order yarn for another baby blanket, for a new great nephew who should be born in about 5 months. The yarn is grey and cream although the grey has a bit of a beige tint to it.

Of course this pink jumped into that virtual shopping cart as well.  It is a bit more salmon colored than I was hoping but I still think it is beautiful.  As for a project for this?  I don't have one in mind but I have enough yarn to make something.  I have told myself in the past not to buy sale yarn because it is on sale but apparently forgot all about that rule when buying all of this.  I don't even want to tell you the yarn total at my house, adding over 5,000 yards of yarn to my stash did not help it.  Still I have been really good battling down the stash the last few years, I deserve a yarn treat don't you think?  Even if it is a big one!

A basket of beautiful cotton yarn, hooray for me!

Do not let these innocent faces fool you.  These two have been extra naughty since my return.  They are chomping on Little Buddy's toys whenever they can.  I even caught one of them with a plastic cup in his mouth, Hank, well I shouldn't be naming names on social media now should I?   I am not sure if we have lost months of training or they are just trying to exert more independence.  Mom was away for a whole week, which in dog years is like forever.

I just looked in on Little B, napping yet again on the floor.  I covered him up with a blanket and hope he feels rested when he gets up.  Maybe he is growing or has a bug, it can't still be all the medication.  All the males in my house are falling apart.  Hank has a bad ear infection, Bear a bad belly no doubt from eating something he shouldn't eat.  My husband has a bad ankle and has been hobbling around for weeks.  My oldest a bad back and Mr. 22 a bad shoulder from working out on a rowing machine.  Lord give me strength, one male with a problem is bad enough but all of them!  See this is why I need  lots and lots of new yarn!


Christina said...

I absolutely agree, you DO need lots of yarn to cope with all your boys being unwell! We all deserve a treat now and then. I have been eyeing some a beautiful Anna Maria Horner fat quarter stack, which is not available in the UK yet.. I may order it and put up with the postage and import duty. Because I deserve it. Enough of me though... Poor little Buddy, he has to put up with so much, I feel for him. He is such a brave wee man. I hope he is back to his normal cheeky self again soon. How lovely that he is able to visit his foster parents and that he feels so welcome and happy there. My boys met their foster parents only once since they came to live with us and it was a bit awkward. They didn't quite understand why there were new children in their old home, despite all our explanations and their foster family had obviously moved on. Have a wonderful week xx

Betsy said...

Poor Little B. I can sympathize witht those Botox shots. I have another scheduled for my back on July 29 and I'm dreading it although after the first few days of agonizing pain afterward, the benefits are amazing. I have had 6 weeks of no pain! I'm praying for him and for you Mama. I wish I could give you a huge hug Meredith. I also feel for all of your boys. I will pray for them too. How can everyone be affected. Poor you. :-) . Remember what Dory said in "Finding Nemo" said, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming." That must be how you feel.
Your yarn is beautiful. I'm glad you have it and please don't feel guilty. You should see my stash. I was just gifted 4 garbage bags FULL of Red Heart yarn. Full skeins of it. It will be wonderful for blankets for the Veterans Home and the Crisis Nursery. It washes so well, but isn't a lot of fun to crochet or knit with.
I did just get a box full of sock yarn that I ordered from Knit Picks. I have lots of Christmas gift socks to make and Piper has requested a pair of Hermione socks. She and Mandy just finished reading the first Harry Potter book out loud together and she loved Hermione. Of course those are next on my needles after a baby gift is done.
I hope you have a good week Meredith and your guys all begin to improve. Love you lots.

CJ said...

Poor little man, I do hope he is all better very soon. And poor everyone else as well - good wishes all round. And poor you, looking after all of those boys. It's hard work. The new yarn is gorgeous, I do like cotton, and the colours are all lovely, especially the pink and cranberry, delicious.

karen said...

poor poor Buddy and poor poor you! I have trouble with patience especially if I'm tired. I can conquer the world in the morning and I'm a hot mess in the evening. I didn't know he had to go through that kind of treatment. I'm hoping he's cheery when you read this comment :)

Caffeine Girl said...

You definitely need all that yarn! You really do earn it. You keep so many people afloat... not to mention a couple dogs!
My heart goes out to LB for the shots he has to have. I think he's brave just to get through it. I was terrified of shots when I was his age -- and I didn't have to deal with all that many.
I have so much admiration for the medical foster parents. These are truly angels! LB is lucky to have so much family.
I might be a little mad at you for informing me about We Are Knitters. Such great yarn and patterns. The kits are SO tempting. You've been on a yarn diet, so you deserved to order. I'm going to try to hold off!

Araignee said...

Poor Buddy. That is quite an ordeal. How difficult for all of you. I hope the yarn brings you some happy. If anyone deserves it, you do. And as for the naughty floofs.....who can be mad at those faces? What a couple of characters. They are too cute for their own good.

kathy b said...

You make such lovely things with cotton that you can buy all you want!

Oh boy, all those boys with issues. Well, all of them except lil buddy have to man up and get over it. My mom loved to say, "TRY HAVING A BABY" when my father complained.
After 3 weeks Fireman is finally healed well enough from his rib injury to cut the lawn on the riding mower, and kneel on the paddle board. That was actually very quick. and I am thrilled he's over it quickly

Anonymous said...

Dear Meredith,
What lovely colours of cotton - don't feel bad. Just think of the lovely things you will make with them. I spend a lot on wool and other things I use to make, but I also think of the gifts which I make. Almost all of our Christmas gifts are hand made and I enjoy doing that. Then there are the little gifts which I make when friends and people I know are feeling down or sick. They really love an unexpected gift. I also sell a lot of things that I make so it keeps me busy and brings in a bit of extra cash.
Hope little B is feeling much better now. What a lot he has to deal with in his young years.
Can't help laughing at those naughty two. Those faces look so cute and innocent. How could they be so naughty?
Regards, Robyn

Janice Smith said...

If a bit of yarn or in my case fabric puts a smile on our faces, how could that possibly be a bad thing??? Don’t forget that we are doing your patriotic duty and helping the economy!!!
Hope your big guys and especially Little Buddy feel better very soon..

Dee said...

You certainly DID deserve getting some new yarn. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

New yarn is a good fix for just about everything and from the sounds of it you sure deserved every bit of it! I never like to here that little B is under the weather. Hope that sweet boy is better soon and all your big boys too.

Anonymous said...

Love everything about your blog! Good luck with the houseful of unwell males, oh dear...yay for new yarn! :)

Nance said...

I think that pink yarn is lovely. I'd have gotten it, too.

So sorry all the gentlemen in your house are less than tip-top, whether in behaviour or otherwise. Perhaps you can just sneak away and take some Mental Health time and leave them to sort it all out. ;-) (As if!)

mamasmercantile said...

You deserve all that yarn as treat, all of it beautiful and in such great colours. One poorly man is enough you must be a saint surrounded by poorly males. Hope they are all feeling better soon.

Karen said...

You deserve buckets and buckets filled with new yarn, on a good day, with all the male folks in your house;)

Love the picture of LB and his foster family. It warms my heart to see how much love is poured into this boy. I do hope he is having an easier time of it today. God bless him!

DelightedHands said...

Tough stretch for all of you --remember, you are the hub so, of course, you feel it for everyone! Hoping for relief soon. Getting lost in a tub of yarn makes perfect sense to us!

tammy j said...

speechless at first. but this post. it was like a wonderful horrible ride.
the pain endured by that small boy. and not just the needles. a different pain.
the joy in faces. a new little life.
the gorgeous beauty of the yarn and the fun of seeing what it will become!
the guilt that's NEVER EVER needed.
well. maybe in the case of two adorably human looking puppies. their eyes tell.
the love in leaving a little boy alone but being there and cuddling him when he needs it. the heaviness that is yours in providing love and home to all that beautiful testosterone ALWAYS. truly. Patience thy name is Meredith.
I think it might be Mere's Day very soon! sending you love and hugs. XOXO

Wanderingcatstudio said...

You definitely needed that yarn!
I hope all your boys are in better shape!

Teresa Kasner said...

Gadzooks.. so sorry your little guy is suffering.. I hope he gets through it and is his spunky happy self soon. I hope all your guys mend quickly. Dayle had fun on his fishing trip but he sure is tired and sore, having bounced off the side of the boat when a swell would rock them. I am so glad to see you treated yourself to so much pretty cotton.. and don't feel guilty one bit as I know most of it will be generously gifted to those lucky enough to be your friend or family. I love the pink and the khaki best.. fun colors.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Judy S. said...

Hope everyone in your house is lots better today. As for the yarn treat, you certainly deserve it and then some! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hope Little Buddy is feeling better. He is adorable. Love all the yarn you purchased. There is no need to pass up a bargain when you see one. Enjoy your yarn purchases.

Sandy said...

Sorry he had a tough time of it, poor little guy. Nice yarn purchases. Love the burgundy and the lighter color. I don't work often with cotton, but then it's too cold here in fall and winter for cotton, more of wool location.

Toni said...

You DEFINITELY deserve lots of new yarn. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS!

Hope everyone is better soon.

Vera said...

Hope by now Little Buddy is feeling better and back to his fun self. Feeling bad is no fun at all. And of course you deserve some new yarn. You are supporting so many people (and dogs!!). You deserve a treat now and then.

Hooks and Needles said...

Arh bless you Meredith, I do hope all the males are restored to good health and pain free. Poor Buddy, he goes through so much. I pray that he is better able to cope with events such as these in time. I can totally understand that with tiredness and patience being stretched to the limit, you just want normality again. Sending love, Cx

Eileen said...

I hate it when kids are having a tough day(s), they try so hard to deal with it and it can just fall apart over anything and everything. Sure hope he feels better!

Love all your new yarn and the colors are yummy. Enjoy your splurge!

Gracie Saylor said... sorry for all the challenges surrounding you, Meredith. The new yarn is lovely. You and yours continue in my prayers with love. xxxxxxx

Jo said...

You deserve some new yarn - What a week. Hope everyone picks up soon under your expert mothering. Jo xxxxx

gaia said...

Dear Meredith,
I hope your family feels better soon xxx

Melanie said...

I'm so sorry that all the men in your house are ailing! What Little Buddy goes through with these Botox injections though...and then both of you afterwards, it truly breaks my heart. I teared up reading this post. You are such a wonderful mama. xoxo

Jodiebodie said...

I am so sorry that life is a struggle for your clan at the moment but glad you can appreciate the joys and tender moments despite the difficulties. Having some new yarn helps! Especially when crafting is YOUR little escape and stress reliever. You certainly need a reward for working hard. I hope the sleepiness isn't anything sinister but simply 'travel-lag' (you didn't travel by jet so can't call it 'jet lag' !) Travel does that to me. Hang in there! xx

Jo said...

I do hope that Little Buddy is feeling better by now, it's really sad what some little ones have to go through, isn't it? It just isn't at all fair. I hope all the other boys in your life are feeling better too. Such gorgeous new yarn and yes, you definitely deserve it.

Needles and Wool said...

love all the new yarn! Glad you had a good visit with Buddy's medical family. Those pups are so cute and they sure keep you busy! Hope Buddy is feeling better.

Babajeza said...

Yarn is therapy. Take all you need. ;-) Hopefully, everybody is back to normal soon. Hugs, Regula