Sunday, June 28, 2020

A not so little, Little Buddy...............

The big news is Little Buddy is now nine!  It is official and even though I was not going to allow this birthday it somehow happened and my sweet boy is officially one year older.  He has grown 3 whole inches this past year, which may not be much for some kids but it is huge for my boy.  His face is changing, his attitude is too!  Maybe not always my sweet little boy, more of a bossy, back talking boy who can't always control his temper, but then again neither can I!  We had cake and presents on Wednesday with both brothers here to celebrate, which does not happen very often.  Thursday was our adoption anniversary, six years now this boy has been officially ours.  He has been here longer than that but for those months we still had to deal with the foster care system and have their approval for all decisions.  June 25 will always be a special day in my heart. 

Little Buddy also started his camp for kids with special needs this week.  It is where he usually goes during the summer.  I am thrilled that they are having it even if it is only for a few weeks this summer.  There are five children and two adults who wear masks all day.  They are very careful not to mix personal craft items like scissors and glue and they wipe down all the toys constantly throughout the day.  Little Buddy has so missed interacting with children, there are no children around for him to even talk to at a safe social distance.  So this is just wonderful for him and his already delayed social skills.  He was so happy all week just getting out and having a schedule.

In other big news our favorite splash park has opened with hourly appointments that allow a very limited amount of people in at one time.  They were booked for over two weeks when I got the opportunity to log on so we finally got a slot for this morning from 9-10.  There were only three other children there, and a total of seven adults including me.  We were the first group of the day which made it even better.  Little Buddy had a great time.  This is an activity he can do almost as much as his peers.  He was so happy to go even if it was only for one hour.

On a rare occasion when I actually sit down on the sofa there is always one or two fur boys sitting next to me.  The boys are finally looking better after their drastic hair cuts of 6 weeks ago.  I actually have to brush them a bit now.

Hank has the most beautiful caramel eyes and brown nose.  He takes care of all of us all the time. It is a big job.

Can you see Bear's long eye lashes?  They are so gorgeous as are his deep brownish black eyes and dark nose.  We love these boys so much.

And just because I can't resist that sweet crooked smile, here is another photo of Little B.  He sure is getting big!

As Florida continues to set records for positive cases of Coronavirus day after day, I want you all to stay as safe as possible.  Be smart and safe when it comes to this horrible illness.


Needles and Wool said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! He looks more grown up in that first picture! That is great he is going to camp even if only for a few weeks of fun and somewhat normalcy. Looks like Buddy is really enjoying the splash pad! A good start to the Summer. Your pups look cute as always and nice to have them to keep you company on the couch. Have a great rest of your weekend!

busybusybeejay said...

Little Buddy looks so grown up.Lovely photos as usual.I have been following you since you adopted him and what wonderful progress he has made.Keep safe.
Here in Wales we have stricter rules than England.We can't go more than five miles from home at the moment which is very restricting.I think our first minister is trying to stop English tourists from crowding our beaches and mountains.We are only seven miles from the Welsh/English border.It is an ever changing situation.

Ellen D. said...

Happy Birthday, Little Buddy! Looks like he was able to have lots of fun during his birthday week! Pretty soon you will have to start calling him "Big Buddy" as he is sure growing up quickly! Best wishes for many, many happy, fun, healthy, adventurous years ahead!

mamasmercantile said...

The time is flying by 9 years old already. He is growing so tall, it was a joy to see him at the water park having fun. Shame to see the Covid19 figures are rising again, stay safe dear friend.

Teresa Kasner said...

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* young man! I have loved seeing you grow and thrive with your wonderful mommy, daddy and brothers! Have fun at your summer camp!

Your fur boys are looking delightful. I'm sorry that Florida is having such a bad time wit Coronavirus. I just can't believe how the far-right has decided that if their pres. doesn't wear a mask that it's their duty to emulate his aversion to science and not wear protection. Blows my mind.

Keep safe and enjoy summer, Mere. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Karen said...

I don't recall the court adoption days for our kids, but we do remember their Gotcha Day each year, as the day we brought each one home.

I wish our water park would open! The indoor pool is open for lessons only and by appointment.

Our state has been one of the safer ones of late, however, the number of cases is going up again slightly, so the campaign to wear masks is stronger than ever. Such a simple thing to do.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful 9 year old with freckles and a great smile - Meredith thank you so much for sharing today.

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Little Buddy, you have grown so much! Love your freckles and that cheeky wee smile. I am so glad you had a lovely time at the waterpark.

Honoré said...

Delighted to wish Buddy a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wishes for a a zillion - well, MANY MANY more!
I hope he enjoys camp...should be great fun.


Araignee said...

Nine!!! No way....where does the time go? It's so nice to see him having fun. My Grands neighbor has been letting them come splash in their pool. Your fur boys are looking good. Pup just got another home chop this afternoon. She looks pretty funny.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Happy Birthday to the handsome little man!

Dee said...

Oh my word, that boy has grown. He doesn't look like a "little" boy anymore. How handsome he is!!!!

I'm really glad he got to do some fun KID things. I can't imagine how hard this is on all the kids and what long lasting side effects not being able to socialize "normally" will be on them.

I am glad to say, more people ARE wearing masks up here than there used to be. The governor has mandated that you MUST wear a mask to go into any place of business. Of course, there are always one or two people that won't .........I sure wish they would kick them out. So far, the stores don't. :::sigh:::

Please tell Little B we wish him a very, VERY happy belated birthday. Give the pups a hug too.

CJ said...

I hope he had a wonderful day, nine already! I'm so glad he's had some fun activities, the splash place looks brilliant. I am wracking my brains trying to think of where I can take my biggest boy who is a bit fed up with every day being the same. How handsome your pups are looking. Dogs are fantastic aren't they. Bertie makes us smile every day. CJ xx

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for sharing Little Buddy's birthday and adoption celebration with us, Meredith! I am glad you were able to have a family celebration as well as some other activities with kids he could enjoy. It is wonderful you have access to a pool and the splash park. Just private pools are open here. Please give handsome Bear and Hank hugs and love pats from me :-) xxxxxxx

Betsy said...

Oh my! It's so hard to believe he is nine already. We've been friends for quite a long time now haven't we? Your fur boys are looking handsome too. I'm glad you're able to get out and about some and every one is being careful. Our pools aren't open anywhere, but the beach at the lake is. I just don't particularly like lake water to swim in as I get older.
Take care and be safe dear Meredith.

linda said...

Happy Birthday Little Buddy! you can see how he's grown, I can't believe it's 6 years since you adopted him wow it doesn't seem that long where does the time go, he looks as if he is really having a good time in the water. Those pooches of your's are so sweet! have a safe week Meredith. :) xx

Vera said...

Happy Birthday to Little Buddy!!! He is turning into a little man - so handsome and his eyelashes are better than Bear's! LOL

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Happy 9th Birthday 🎂 Buddy!I have enjoyed reading stories of his life written by you mama Mere! Grateful to have someone who cares for him. Your doggie bros are so good looking. Nice curly hair. Or is it fur? We have a bit more elevation of virus in our state but most are in care homes. One place is where my mom used to live. Its now a post rehab center. I see that many readers from your blog come to read my blog posts. Thanks! Have a blessed week and hugs to Buddy.

steph said...

What a happy post...happy birthday, happy adoption day, happy hair cut, happy camping, happy splash park opening!!!! And most of all, what a happy little boy!!! Mamma's joy is pretty darn apparent, too!!!
Happy week.

Nance said...

Nine! It seems impossible. He certainly does keep stretching out, though. I can tell.

So glad he's able to get back to some familiar and fun activities. It's good for both of you.

Your dogs always make me smile. They're so big and look always as if they could pop off at a moment's notice!

karen said...

Happy Birthday! I love those freckles that sprinkle his nose :)

kathy b said...

So so much good news here Meredith. Thank you for sharing your sons and your life with us. Lil Buddy turning 9 seems impossible! How old was he when you began to work with him when he was in foster care?

The dogs are so cuddly looking. During Covid I have missed mY Huck quite a bit. I talk to him when I'm paddle boarding or Hiking. He would have been an angel laying on my paddle board.

Anyhow, the pool situation for Lil Buddy sounds fantastic. Im glad you got a time slot with slow very few people.

Happy Birthday to Lil B.

Pradeepa said...

Happy Birthday to not-so-little Buddy! He looks so grown up!

Janice Smith said...

God Bless your getting bigger Little Buddy! He is so cute. i’m glad he is getting to have fun with other kids.
Stay safe. Stay strong. Have hope.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Happy Birthday Little Buddy, except, I think we'll have to start calling you Big Buddy.

Melanie said...

How can Little Buddy be 9 years old already? It seems like "just the other day" that he was just a little boy. And 3" of growth in one year is a lot! Glad to hear he has some safe activities to do this summer. That splash park looks like so much fun - even for adults! It is so hot and humid here right now (over 100 with the heat index) that a splash park sounds absolutely delightful.

Your fur babies are always so cute, too.

tammy j said...

I just love your site. it is so full of the sheer happiness of beauty of LIVING.
that darling little boy who is not going to be little too very much longer...
glimpses of the handsome young man are beginning to show. his grin and a few freckles still give him away though. I just can't think of him as anything but Little Buddy! he's such a character!
I'm happy for the splash park time and the summer camp!
and well... those two favorite Fur Bags! are they not just the best!!! ???
the expression Hank has sometimes is almost human! sending you great love.
take care darling girl! xoxo

Delighted Hands said...

Wow, he has grown a lot over the last year! Belated happy birthday!
So nice to see him smile while in the water park and camp!
Yes, more cases but fewer deaths at least. Still being super careful, though.

TheAwakenedSoul said...

Congratulations! Buddy looks so happy. Your dogs always make me smile. They remind me of Lula. We have had our numbers spike in California, too. I guess we are all learning to adjust. The camp sounds fabulous!

handmade by amalia said...

It is very fine
to be nine
and such a joy
to see this little-big boy.


Caffeine Girl said...

Congratulations both on the 9th birthday and the 3 new inches!
I'm so glad places for young children are opening up. I feel like there are ways to open safely for children. And it's so important for their development!
I thought of you when I was in Door County and figured you wouldn't make it to Wisconsin this year.

deb said...

Happy 9th Birthday Little Buddy!
My grandson is 9 ~ such a great age.

Ellen D. said...

Just read that today is your birthday (July 3rd)! Hope you have a wonderful day and a year filled with good health, happy adventures, and lots of love!