Sunday, November 22, 2020

Not much to say, which might be a good thing.........................


Hi!  How are you?  Hope you are staying safe during these troubling times.  This photo of Little Buddy is for my sister who loves it when he has bed head.  She loves his hair sticking up every which way, so today was a photo worthy bed head image just for her.  By the way it was her birthday yesterday and I'd love if you popped over for a quick birthday wish.  She is the best and can be found here at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.  I am blessed to have her in my life.  

I continue to work on the second blanket for Christmas, this one is for Mr. 23 and Ms. L.  This blanket is taking some time because frankly I have very little time to work on it. I now take it in my car on work days so I can work on it if a patient cancels.  I have been working a lot, cleaning, and pressure washing all last weekend and this weekend.  Not a fun chore at all.  I think I can still feel the vibration of the machine in my hand even though I am done.  Florida is so full of mold and mildew, it is actually quite disgusting if you really think about it.  But for now my driveway, front walkway, screened in pool area, and outside by my fireplace are all clean.  Well they will be for about two days when it all starts back up again.  Living in the tropics definitely has its drawbacks.

I know the seasons are shifting when I see this one tree behind my house turn yellow.  I am not even sure what kind of a tree it is but it brings me joy.  I can pretend I am up north in cool and chilly temperatures, with leaves crunching under my feet, while inhaling that amazing Autumn air, when I look at this tree from my very air conditioned house. We are in the 80's during the day which is a huge improvement from our typical low-mid 90's all summer long.  Last week I had to wear a light sweater while driving to work at 6:30 in the morning because it was coolish out.  I'll take it!

Luna has spent and extended weekend with us as Mr. 23 studies for his last final before break.  This girl can be a pistol as you very well know, but we all love her and her funny antics.  The boys adore her.  She jumps right on Little Buddy's bed with the other two fur boys to wake him up in the morning.  That is a lot of puppy love for one little boy.  Lots of licks and nudges and maybe a wee slight nip from Luna on his ears.  I think she feels Little Buddy is a puppy just like the rest of them.

This image makes me laugh.  Usually on Sunday both boys are home for dinner with or without girlfriends depending our their work schedules.  We usually make a dinner for them to take home and heat up over the week.  It helps me feel like they are eating right and they have something fast to heat up on a busy night.  But not this week.  Nope they are getting toilet paper instead.  Toilet paper is fast becoming hard to find here.  Once again there is a shortage and I am having a bit of a freak out.  I am a toilet paper hoarder on a good day, but throw in a pandemic and toilet paper shortages and I get all kinds of anxiety.  I found this one and only bundle of 12 rolls at the grocery store yesterday and I grabbed it.  I split it up for each of them to take 6 rolls home because now I am worried about their ability to buy it, too.  They are young people, are they even that aware of shortages in paper products?  I should be able to sleep better tonight knowing they have a bit of a stash.  I am also going to buy them more and wrap it up for Christmas because really what is more precious than bare necessities? 

I am steering clear of politics this week with the exception of these facts.  Over a thousand people a day continue to die in the United States, we are up over 255,000 dead from this pandemic.  Our current president golfed yesterday for the 298 time since he became president, costing us tax payers over 144 million dollars just for his golf outings.  Think how many children that could feed?  Think how much that could go to improve schools, provide for people who are hungry or who can't pay their rent,  provide PPE to healthcare workers, or just to go to those in need who have lost their jobs due to this pandemic.  I wonder how many people lost a loved one during those 18 holes?

Stay safe!


Ellen D. said...

You certainly are a busy woman! Love the blanket you are making. It is so lovely! I cannot wait until our current president is OUT of the White House and we can just ignore his antics! What a waste he is.

Caffeine Girl said...

LB is adorable with bed head! I wished I look that good first thing in the morning!
This is a good time to have animals around! Our cats are getting spoiled with attention. They do love having us home all the time.
The pandemic is terrible here. Hospitals are full. What is wrong with people??? Stay home!
I am grateful that I can still go for walks with friends. Today I took a long walk with a couple friends in 40-degree weather, which I quite like. The air was brisk and invigorating. I finally invested in insulated hiking boots, and I am appreciating them!

Bridget said...

Those are three happy-looking pups!

The toilet paper photo made me laugh. It's happening here again as well. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but then again ...

Take care, Meredith!

Chy said...

So sad that he puts his personal pursuits before his people!

Love the blanket and how you care so much for your boys. No shortages here just yet but I'm sure if our numbers keep climbing, that will soon change. We're well stocked, for now.

Be well!

X Chy

Betsy said...

I saw Claudia's post about how talking to LB made her day for her birthday. He is one loved little boy. Even those three cute, cute, cute furbabies think so from the sounds of it.
Toilet paper is indeed a rare commondity again. Early in the year, way before the shortages hit here, Alex warned us what was happening with TP in Japan. So every trip to Costco I bought a big package. I had six Costco sized packages well before the panic buying started. Dennis took two of them to Mandy in September. Who would have thought we would take TP halfway across the country to our kids?! Ha! I passed it out to all who I heard of that needed it. Then we sold the house and we can't use regular TP in the RV, so I really didn't need it and others did. It made me feel like I was doing something. I also donated the one big package I had left to a food bank. No hoarding here! Now I have to try to find the RV stuff. *sigh*
I can't imagine temps in the 80's in November. We're supposed to have more snow tonight. I love living in the RV for now, it really simplifies cleaning, etc., but...pipes freezing is another story.
Take care my dear Meredith and I hope you can find some calm time to do some crocheting on that beautiful blanket.
Blessings and love,

CJ said...

The toilet paper made me smile. And also made me realise I am running low. We have Brexit to contend with as well here soon, when everything being imported will sit in a giant car park in Kent for weeks at a time or bob around in a container ship somewhere in the English Channel. At least you have a change in the right direction on the horizon. We have the whole Brexit disaster to look forward to and the seemingly unending horror of Johnson and his useless band of chums. Sigh. Lovely to see your band of cuties though and their marvellous hair. CJ xx

linda said...

Lovely to see your post Meredith and to see LBs little face and messy hair haha. I feel for you having to deal with all the mildew, my decking needs a good clean too but it will have to wait for Spring it's much too cold here now for playing with a pressure washer. We seem to be ok for toilet rolls over here after the initial panic buying at the start of the pandemic the supermarkets are well stocked. I know you will finish that blanket in time slow and steady you will get there. Take care of yourself xx

gigi knits said...

I’m will be sooooo HAPPY to see President Biden & Vice President. Harris in the White House & the Orange Clown gone!!!!!
I found tp at Publix last week 4rolls for a$1.00. Needless to say I picked up as any as they would let me.

tammy j said...

the faces on those three puppies. priceless.
have you ever noticed... Hank has the sweet "she's taking my picture again" smile? and Bear still thinks it's all a great joke! LOL. and Luna. well Little Luna is still a baby. just lookin' for the game!
they're almost as sweet as the sweetest Little Buddy with bed hair. I've also thought that all little boys' tousled hair is so precious.
(even when they're grown big boys!)
and Mere...your last paragraph says it all.
oh my. what good could be done with the money WASTED by the politicians. especially THAT one.
it's all so stupid and broken.
keep on keeping on darling girl.
stay strong. and safe. xoxo

Nance said...

I always loved bedhead on my boys, too. Their morning blush was my favourite as well.

We've had TP limits here in NEO since about August. And we've not seen Clorox or Lysol wipes since February/March. Oddly enough, hand sanitizer in even regular sizes is 99 cents.

I've been keeping a countdown until President Biden is finally in the White House. It makes me happy to watch the days go by until we kick 45* out.

KSD said...

My holiday knitting has been for the young women and men who deliver my groceries to me curbside. I've got a box full of scarves that I hope will help against the chills we will have as Winter goes on.

Don't even get me started on That Man. And somehow, people are still going to the mat for him. . .

mamasmercantile said...

Lovely to see Little Buddys hair and the three fur babies. So uplifting and made me smile. We are waiting for the next announcement of restrictions and how that will impact Christmas. Brexit is looming too...who knows.

Melanie said...

LB is so cute, even with his darling bed head!

TP is once again in high demand here (IL), too. My hubby actually found Charmin in stock at Costco and I found generic at a grocery store but bought it anyway...better than running out!

The blanket, of course, is gorgeous.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It'll be just me and Brian at home this year.


Mrs. Micawber said...

Great photos all around - LB, the pups, the lovely tree, crochet, and even the TP! I had to get some for my dad last week and the store was limiting it to one pack per purchase. Hopefully no one will run out.

I try not to talk about politics too, but this year it's hard to avoid. I work with people who really like the incumbent, and it's hard sometimes to bite my tongue. And don't get me started on our state legislature who have done precisely nothing to prevent the spread of the virus, and everything they can to hamper and reverse the very reasonable precautions put in place by the governor. It's appalling and so very frustrating.

You stay safe too, Mere! And happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Teresa Kasner said...

Your little guy looks cute, how fun that Claudia loves him with bed head. My two grandsons always have hair that I'd like to brush and smooth down. That's neat that your grown sons come for Sunday dinner! I know how happy you are that they are closer now. I'm happy for you that you will have cooler weather. It's pretty cold here now! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

kathy b said...

lil Buddy Bed head> THE Best!!!!!
toilet paper. I hear santa has seen that a lot on the lists

Delighted Hands said...

I love bed head in my grands-and the snuggles that come with the first hugs in the morning...what a blessing. Take care.

handmade by amalia said...

LB is looking adorable as always, bed hair and all. Happy Thanksgiving!

TheAwakenedSoul said...

Buddy looks so relaxed in that photo. The dogs all seem very happy together. It's interesting to hear about your weather in Florida. I worked as a dancer on a cruise ship that docked out of Miami briefly. I really liked it there, but do remember it being sunny and muggy. Good job on all the cleaning.

Needles and Wool said...

The blanket you are working on looks so lovely and will be such a nice Christmas gift to receive. Buddy looks so cute with his bed head! Happy belated birthday to your sister! Take care! good you have lots of toilet paper we'll need it!

Jeanie said...

The blanket is beautiful, Meredith. And I adore that photo of Buddy, too. What a great smile and I love bed head! I get the toilet paper thing. I started to stock up a bit this summer. but I won't make it till spring. Maybe I'll put some on my Christmas list!

Your last words? Spot on. It's ugly here, this Covid. Nuf said.

And thanks for coming by. My computer (aka sit-up time) is limited but thanks for your nice words and good wishes and apologies for not replying personally.