Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweater Update II

Max looking beautiful by the pool this morning. This is his very favorite place to be in the morning. He always shuts his eyes when I have the camera near by. He is a bit shy.

I bought these beautiful sun flowers yesterday. Next to gardenias they are my favorite. Makes it look a bit like fall even though it was 92 degrees outside before the rain.

This is what has been happening in Florida a lot lately. I love it when I am inside and I can be cozy inside, its just that usually I am outside getting drenched running from one place to the next.

I am sure you are wondering about the knitting update. I thought I would fool you by posting other pictures. No knitting has been accomplished. None. At least I am honest. I am going to try and finish the fronts today and start the arms of the Noro car coat. Pretty ambitious for someone who has to drive her kids everywhere today.
Have a great Saturday.


Claudia said...

It is raining here, too. All day yesterday and today and most likely, tomorrow. I'm over it! Give my Maxie a kiss!

Lena said...

Yoo hoo, we could use a little bit of rain over here, if you've of a mind to pass it on! It's been much too dry here this summer, and we're not used to it. Mostly, our gardens aren't used to it, and it shows.

It must be lovely to be inside all that glass swimming in the rain.

I like sunflowers too!

Monica said...

Love love love Max and sunflowers too!!
Thanks for your appreciation for my journals!