Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweater Update I

I am making wonderful progress on my sweater jacket. The back is finished and I am up to the arm holes on the fronts. This is a lovely knit, very quick until you reach the seed stitch which is always a bit slow.

The seed stitch adds such a wonderful texture that it is well worth the time it takes to do it. The colors are just as beautiful the second time around.

I am still a bit in unknown territory. Will the coat lie correctly due to the initial washing that made the yarn expand at a scary rate? When I took it apart and had to mist all the yarn did it loose part of the stiffness that would make it more like a coat than a sweater? Did the yarn shrink and will I have enough to complete this project?
I guess I will find out as I go along.
Today is the third day of school for my children. It is quiet in my house right now, just Max and myself. How lovely silence is. No one is screaming my name for help with something. No one is fighting just for the joy of annoying their brother. When I left the house to drop off for car pool I returned with it looking exactly the same. There were not dirty dishes out, and milk out of the fridge. I didn't have to close the cupboards or flush the toilet, or wipe up crumbs.
Silence is a beautiful thing.


Lena said...

You feel like that now, but then, they grow up, and they move away to college. Then, you really miss them.

I remember those first days of the school year though, and how nice it was to have time to myself. I loved the quiet too.

Your knitting is looking beautiful.

beth said...

A quiet house...perfect knitting environment!
Your sweater is looking great. The colors in this post look like my zinnias; the previous post it looks more pinky. Either way, the Noro colors are wonderful!
Happy seed stitching.

Claudia said...

The sweater will be beautiful - now what are you making for me to wear???

I love my nephews but I totally understand how wonderful a quiet house must be!