Friday, April 16, 2010

Best Sister

As you know I have the best sister in the world. Claudia of fame is a wonderful blogger and a wonderful sister. Claudia is on her way to San Diego tomorrow for 10 weeks of work. She has been so busy getting ready for her trip, yet she took the time to help me out. You see as I have said in the past I am blogging challenged. I can't seem to find time to blog and I seriously can't change a thing on my blog. Yesterday I was trying to be a big girl and add a gadget to my blog and I ended up wiping out my blog background and the add a gadget button all at the same time! Claudia was the one who had to add my background in the first place. She came to my rescue within minutes of my phone call to her, added my new background and found my add a gadget button. She is amazing!!!! Thanks Claudia, I owe you a ton, for many, many things besides my blog, but for my blog, too!. I look wonderful even if you and I are the only ones who read it.


Claudia said...

My pleasure, little sister! I'm going to go check on your google analytics right now!


Lena said...

Well, she's not the only one who reads it! I'm just now getting back into the blog reading mode, after mostly being with my family these last few months, while my Granny was so sick.

I think Claudia is a wonderful person. I like her so much, and I know that you've become friends with my friend Beth, and she has enjoyed getting to know you through blogging. It just takes a little bit of time sometimes to build a blog, and all that entails. Your blog is very nice.