Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can You Blame Me?

Here is a picture of the Noro vest I am making from The Noro Joy book. It is called Marina. The colors are so vibrant after the muted grey of the cardigan I was making. Can you see why I left the yarn store with this yarn and pattern?

I have now knit with Noro yarn on three different projects. I made a lovely shawl and a disaster of a sweater. The sweater story is best left for another post, but believe me the problem had nothing to do with the yarn. I always stayed away from Noro because it is a bit expensive. Now I am hooked. I always say, "Life is too short for cheap yarn." I live by that motto but not usually for myself. I think I will rectify that in 2009.

The yarn used for the vest is Noro Taiyo. It is color #3. Made of cotton, silk, wool and a tiny bit of nylon. I love the way it feels in your hands as you knit. It is just lovely. The best is that when you are knitting with this yarn, every once in a while you have to pick out little bits of straw. It reminds you of how it was made. The colors change beautifully, and it is always exciting to see what color is coming next.

These are the buttons I bought for the vest at JoAnn's. They are actually a more vibrant color than seen in the photo. I think they will look great.

Happy knitting.


Claudia said...

Love the colors. Love Noro. I have to finish my shawl so that I can start another one in a new colorway.

No, I can't blame you!

brsmaryland said...

Noro yarn is really pretty. The colors are great. Often times it is combinations I would never think of but they work! I've made an entrelac scarf and the Karalund sweater with Noro and both turned out nicely. I look forward to seeing the progress of your vest.
And yes, yarn diets are hard ;-)