Friday, January 30, 2009


I would love to tell you that I have made exceptional progress on all sorts of projects, but I really haven't. Between work, kids and a field trip to Sarasota to the marine research center I haven't had a lot of time.

I am finished with one sock. It is a little big for me which is good because it is for my Mother. Her feet are a bit longer and wider than mine. I learned how to do a provisional cast on which was very fun. I learned how to do a mitered toe and heel, and a stretchy cast off. It isn't the prettiest sock but it will do. Even if you are in your forties and you make something for your mother she will like it even if it isn't all that great. That is the greatest thing about making something for your parents, no matter how ridiculous it is, they love it.

Here is a very blurry picture of my weaving. You get a good idea of the colors just not the beautiful texture. I have also learned a lot about the weaving process on the rectangular loom. It really isn't as easy as it looks. As you progress the weaving becomes much more tedious. But you are working with lovely yarn which is always a bonus. It is faster than knitting and makes such a different looking texture that it is really amazing. I made this a little short width wise. I didn't take into account that the whole item would shrink up a bit when taken off the loom. So now I have a table runner for my dining room table. Again not the greatest of all pictures, but you get the idea.

Living in Florida has its advantages. We are surrounded by water and the beautiful creatures that live in it. So I will leave you with a few photos from MOTE in Sarasota. Hope you enjoy them.

A beautiful giant sea turtle. Did you know they lay 2,000 eggs and only one turtle survives? A beautiful manatee. Boats in Floriday kill so many manatees, they are still endangered. My son was able to go to Crystal River to swim with manatee's last year on a field trip with school, what an amazing experience he had. Manatee's love to be closer to shore especially in the cooler temperatures, so they get themselves in all sorts of dangerous situations. These Dolphins stranded themselves due to disease. They are being rehabilitated in hopes they can be released back into the wild.


Claudia said...

The sock looks great - Mom will love them (if she's still speaking to you.) Also the table runner is beautiful - keep up the good work.

I love all sea creatures, especially manatees and dolphins!

brsmaryland said...

I love the weaving. I'm so intrigued by the whole process. I think it's great you got a loom. I've been tempted.
Be sure to cast on for your next sock soon before second sock syndrome sets in. My friends and I joke that we knit the second sock first!
Manatees seem like teddy bears of the sea.