Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finished II

Yes, I have been busy. I finished the Noro vest and I have to say it turned out very nicely. I ended up doing the arm edging twice as they ended up being too confining. I casted off these edges with a size 8 needle to make the cast off edge a bit stretchier. It fits very nicely. The colors just pop out. I really love it. A very fast knit especially considering I had to knit the left front twice. Remember the 39 stitches versus 41 fiasco? I would recommend this pattern to anyone, very easy and fast. Just remember to count your stitches and make the arm holes a bit deeper.

Here are the completed version of my first socks. You may notice that they are now anklets as opposed to socks. When knitting the second sock I realized that I was quickly going to run out of yarn. I finished up #2 and quickly frogged back #1. I put in a Knit 1, Purl 1 rib and was done. They need to be washed and hopefully will shrink a bit, regardless my Mother will love them. She actually wears ankles much more than socks so it ended up being a perfect mistake. My next pair of socks will be done on a size 2 needle rather than a 3. I think I will put a ribbing in right away rather than just at the top, and cast on just a few less stitches.

I have to confess that yesterday I went to the yarn store and purchased more sock yarn. I am officially off my yarn diet as it wasn't working anyway. I was still buying yarn and frankly feeling guilty about it. So now I can buy yarn but get rid of the guilt. Cathy, my partner in knitting crime, busted me as she went to the store just after me. When the owner told her I had been there Cathy informed her I was on a yarn diet. The owner not wanting to get me in trouble didn't actually confess to my purchases. Cathy who knows me well, promptly called me up and busted me for straying from my self imposed diet. So, I am still going to try to be aware of my yarn purchases and buy yarn because of need, not just to buy. I will go to my enormous yarn stash first, then shop second. As I have never been a sock knitter I haven't had the opportunity to establish a sock yarn stash. So you must understand the need to purchase the sock yarn.


brsmaryland said...

Building up your sock yarn stash will be fun. They are an 'easy' purchase and one I do often at stores when I'm feeling like I should buy something/support their store. It took me a while to figure out the right fit, etc for socks. For me, it ended up being 64 stitches and 2.25mm needles.
LOVE the vest! The colors are great. It reminds me of a Monet painting.

Claudia said...

Congrats! The socks and vest look beautiful. Yarn diets are all well and good, but if it gives you pleasure, then its for your well-being, right?