Thursday, February 5, 2009


Just a quick note to say hi. My Mother-In-Law, Gracie and my Sister-In-Law, Barb are here for a visit from Wisconsin. We have been busy running around, with their visit, work and my regular family responsibilities it has been busy, busy, busy.

Gracie turned 90 last September. She is a truly amazing person and anyone who has met her is the better for it. The day after she arrived we made a trip to Jo Ann's to buy some yarn for her to knit a baby blanket for her seventh great-grandchild arriving this fall. She has made blankets, scarves, and hats. I taught her to knit several years ago and she loves it. Can you imagine how special it would be to get a knitted gift from your 90 year old Great-Grandmother? Gracie has arthritis and has to take breaks here and there, but she is AMAZING!

Barb has just started a beautiful purple felted bag. She likes to knit too, but is not near as obsessed as I am. She is a great help, and is lots and lots of fun for my boys, (especially the one with fur who is very obsessed with her).

I will check in soon. Oh, by the way I am making progress on my second pair of socks. Photos to follow soon.

Hope you are all staying warm. It was 31 degrees out this morning as I drove my youngest to school. While I understand that is a heat wave for many, here in Florida it is crazy chilly. My plants are dead and the grass is brown. Five big frosts this year is a lot for us. I am not complaining by any means. I know everyone else covered in snow, ice and brutally cold temperatures.

Stay in and knit where it is warm and cozy.


Claudia said...

Say hello to Grace and Barb for me. I mentioned your blog in my blog this morning.


Stacie said...

M, Enjoyed your blogs with a cup of Java this morning. It felt like we had coffee together. Loved getting "caught up". Your loom is GREAT!!!( I think I am having loom envy),and the runner looks fabulous on the table. I would never have thought to put in on the diagonal. You are so creative. I am almost done with my second sock. Can you show me that stretchy cast off you mentioned one night at the pool? Stacie. P.S. Go Pres. O.