Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beautiful Hands



These are the beautiful hands of my mother in law Grace. She is making a baby blanket for her ninth great-grandchild.

These hands have seen things that our generation will never imagine. Grace is 90. She still builds houses for Habitat for Humanity. She volunteers on so many boards that it is hard to keep track of. She has received many awards for all that she gives back to the community. She is an avid church member who has promoted peace through out the country.

These hands have gone to college to study when girls were not likely to want further education. These hands got married and had a baby, when her husband was on a ship in WWII. These hands raised four wonderful children, who in turn had ten children, who in turn have had eight children to date. These hands taught physical education and coached many school teams. Grace's student still stop by to see her. These hands make Thanksgiving Dinner for the entire family, all 27 of us every year.

These hands have touched so many hearts, and will in turn touch the little one she is making this blanket for. These hands have made us all want to be better people. These hand have spread love and have worked hard to make to world a better place. Aren't we lucky?


Claudia said...

Oh Mer, that's beautiful! What a lovely post about Gracie - she is truly amazing and a role model for us all. Great post!

brsmaryland said...

What a nice tribute to your MIL. You ARE lucky!

Mindy said...

What a lovely picture to have of her!