Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Socks II

Here is a picture of the second pair of socks I made. Even though there is only one sock in the picture both have been completed and washed. They fit me perfectly and are very yummy to have on my feet.

I took this picture several days ago after completing only one sock. The yarn is from Flat Feet. I am sure every sock knitter knows about this yarn. I had read about it but was never really interested in it until I took the sock challenge. This yarn unravels as you knit it. The hand dyed colorway knits up really different than you would expect. I had a ton of yarn left over so I am making some baby socks for my husbands niece, who is having a baby this fall. I will knit a pair of toddler socks for the big sister too, if I have enough yarn to finish both pairs.
This is a picture of one finished baby sock. You can see the colors a bit better in this photo. The colors are more vibrant in person.
I am having a fun time with socks. I can see how knitters become obsessed. Sock yarn is a relatively easy and cost effective purchase. Socks are easy to make and I assuming quick once you really get the hang of it.

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tina said...

Cute socks!!!!! I am not a RABID sock knitter but do love the sockie thing as well!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting, I appreciate it!

And----- I loved loved loved LOVED your previous post about your Mom's hands. It was amazing!!!