Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catch Up

This lovely purse was a fun present knit from surprise yarn that arrived last week from my lovely Sister-in-Law Heidi. It came on a day that I felt really crazy with all the motherhood things I do. It is amazing how these lovely children can almost drive you to drink. So instead of drinking I knit. The yarn is from Plymouth Yarn Kaos series. Color 308. It is the Summer Sack from Ruhama's Yarn store in Milwaukee, Wi. Heidi is so wonderful. How did she know I needed yarn?

Baby socks are done but the pictures didn't turn out well so I am leaving you with pictures of flowers. That is the other thing I have been doing. A little early to plant in Florida, but I had a window of time and I took it. Happy Spring to all of you!


Claudia said...

Did Heidi send you the yarn and you knit the purse? Or did Heidi knit the purse, too? Whatever, it looks great!

Mereknits said...

Heidi sent the yarn and I knit the purse.