Thursday, March 5, 2009

Visitors, Visitors Everywhere!

I think blogging is going to be very tough for me this spring. We had visitors last week and this week, too! I love to have everyone, especially family. We live away from most of our family so when they take the time out of their busy lives to come visit us, I feel blessed. Of course after the winter everyone has had, Florida isn't such a bad place to visit.

I haven't been knitting very much. The loom stands quietly off in the corner of my bedroom. the flowers I planted are looking good for the most part, except the ones that have been a deer's midnight snack. I think this is how it will be in my life through the month of March and into April.
This is my oldest son. He is a very good swimmer. Last weekend we went to a swim meet in Orlando. He was amazing. Another reason minimal knitting has been accomplished. I love to watch him swim. He is usually very focused as you can see by the game face he has on in this picture. He is a really great kid and I am so proud of him. I don't think it is easy growing up in these times. Life was simplier when I was growing up and I am really not that old. At least most days I don't feel that old. I am proud of him for growing up in a time where information travels at the speed of sound, and so much of what you do is on Youtube, Facebook and Myspace. It can't be easy. But he is trying to be a good guy.


Claudia said...

I have to say that my nephew looks very cool. He is a good kid, just trying to navigate his teen years.

brsmaryland said...

My knitting has taken a backseat too. Sometimes life gets in the way ;-)
Your son looks like a swimmer...strong shoulders. Good for him that he's found a sport he likes and is willing to dedicate the time and energy required. The teenagers I've known that have been involved with sports are better for it. It gives them an activity to channel their energies, keeps them busy and limits the mischief!

The White Bench said...

Hello! I ***LOVE*** I mean LOVE your furry boy!!!!!!!! I have a furry girl, too!!
I agree with you, it's not simple growing up in these times...
Thanks for visiting and leaving lovely words!