Thursday, May 14, 2009

Excuse me, but do you still knit?

I know this is supposed to be primarily a knitting blog. I have been attempting to get out of my knitting slump and get my knitting mojo back. Actually, I have been forcing myself to knit, almost like force feeding myself. So in an attempt to get myself back on track, I am going to discuss what is on my needles. Keep in mind both projects should have been completed ages ago.

First, is this lovely tunic tank top from the Spring/Summer issue of KnitSimple magazine.

I fell in love with it right after I opened up the magazine for the first time.

I am making it from Berroco Glace in a beautiful sage green. I bought this yarn several years ago from a LYS that was going out of business. I was so sad for the yarn store but happy for me and my bargain purchases.

I actually swatched and came up with what I thought was an accurate gauge. I thought the drape of this yarn would be beautiful. I remeasured and started my new project. When I completed the back I realized It was a lot bigger than I intended. So now the original back is the new front. I am knitting the back (again) and making it a bit smaller width wise. I intend on making two i-cord ties to tie the tank top in the back to help if it is really big. Loose, and big are in, aren't they?
I also have these very beautiful socks on the needles. I am making this in Panda Silk which is so smooth to knit with. I am at the part where I am supposed to start the heel. Problem is I have been at this part for a very long time. Funny how if you don't knit something it isn't any farther along then when you left it in your knitting bag. I keep hoping that if I leave it in there long enough some magic knitting fairy will come and do some work on it.
I won't even show you the blanket I am suppose to be crocheting my oldest son. Right now I can't even think about pulling it out for a photo shoot.
Today I vow to get my knitting butt in gear. I am going to attempt to find the elusive knitting mojo that was my friend for so many years. I will apologize to said mojo, and hope it will forgive and embrace my soul once again.
At least posting this will make me try to make some progress. I will have to update this post at some point now won't I?

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Claudia said...

I haven't knit in a long time, but that's, on the other hand, are a major knitter. Just keep at it and it will come back to you. Love you.