Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blogging Thoughts

Today I am getting my roof and sidewalks pressure washed so there are no pictures, my windows are draped in plastic so there is no light. In Florida we grow mold and mildew on everything so periodically we need to pay someone to clean it all off. Tomorrow and this weekend I will put it all back together, wash windows and outside furniture, not a fun task.  So I thought I would take a little time today to talk about Blogging.

Recently three of my blogging friends have decided to take a blogging break.  I completely understand because blogging does take up a good bit of time.  I just feel sad because I will worry about them and wonder if all is okay.  It is funny how these people you read about, slowly creep into your system and suddenly you feel like you are friends.  Have you met them in person or talked on the phone, not likely but they are there periodically and that is a comfort.

Blogging has turned out to be so much more than I ever imagined.  I started my blog solely so I could read my sisters blog and comment.  Gradually I read other blogs and started to comment.  Eventually I started to write on my own blog, and wonders of all wonders, people started to comment to me.  I am a slow blog, meaning that I have been blogging for a while and I don't have a million followers and comments.  I am always and I mean always just thrilled when anyone takes the time in their busy life to leave a comment here on Mereknits.  I try very hard to visit you back, and if I missed you once I will surely get back to you if you comment twice.

I am perplexed by some blogs.  I find it amazing when you leave comment after comment and that blogger does not take the time to write to you.  I understand if you have a million and eleven comments you can't get back to everyone, but on a smaller blog I find that just plain rude.  Lately I have been doing a blog spring cleaning.  I feel my time is precious and if I can't have some sort of relationship with you than I will find space for someone else.  I don't mean to sound rude, but time is short these days.  There are so many special people out there in blog land that would be thrilled with more blogging friends, I would like to spend my time with them.

I want you all to know that you are all very special to me.  Your kind words have helped me on many an occasion, more than you will ever know.  I find your creativity to be simply amazing.  You challenge me to be a better knitter, crocheter and above all a better person.  I appreciate every second you spend visiting me here on Mereknits, because I know your life is as busy as can be. 

To those of you taking a blogging break, I hope you will check in and let me know you are doing okay.  For those of you new to Mereknits, I welcome you with open arms and hope that I can be a great blogging friend to you.  For those of you that have been a faithful friend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you all have a wonderful day.


delia hornbook said...

I know just what you mean about blogging taking time up. I started it also as a way to keep in touch with my friend who moved to Tasmania but it seems to have grown a little. I used to answer everybody privatly who left me a message but i started to get really stressed out because i coundn't keep up with reading people's blogs and then anwering comments something had to give and i don't always reply now but i do if its something i feel is important or i want to thank them for. Its hard finding a balance i think. Have a great week. dee x


Hey Mere,

I don't envy your mold issues, but it beats ice!

I just got off the phone with my sister who lives at The Villages, kind of near Orlando and she says it's pretty humid there too! I asked if she wanted to trade and she said NO!


The French Bear said...

I love to blog and I try to answer all comments, I haven't figured out how to do it by know when someone answers my comments by sending me an email under the heading of the post.....recently I broke my leg and it is awkward to sit at the computer for longer then ten minutes, but normally I answer each blogger and visit their blog. There are some bloggers I have left comments for for over a year and they have never commented back, not sure why but I hope it's just cause they are busy.
I love reading about your adventures in knitting and especially the posts about your life and family. I love to read about life in always seems to make me feel better that I am connecting to another friend out there with similar interests as mine.
Glad that you do blog, I'll be back to visit!!
Margaret B

Liz said...

Oh Meredith, please don't spring clean me:D

I understand how you feel. There are a couple of blogs that I comment on or even ask a question about and never hear any type of response. I try to respond as much as I can. I know I miss some. Here lately I try to visit everyone's blog that comments. It does take time, and I hate to say that I miss some. I also understand those couple of blogs that never respond back to me. After all they usually have lots of comments. I still follow, and use them for inspiration, but find that I don't comment very much.

You have motivated me to go back and check for questions that I haven't answered...I hope you have a great day and week.


Mrs D said...

Another slow blogger here, intrigued by your insights. I haven't figured what exactly is the best way to respond to comments. I very much appreciate them, but I don't know if I should email back or not! I usually comment back under their comments, but then I don't know if they seem them or not!

Nana Go-Go said...

Hi Meredith, I would much rather have a handful of lovely people on my bloglist who I feel that I could connect with in real life as well as in cyberspace than a gazillion total strangers who treat blogging as a barometer of their popularity. For me, that's not what blogging is about. I usually email people back unless they are 'no repliers', in which case, I leave a comment on their posts.
Hands across a very big ocean to you! Have a great week.

Monica said...

I agree with you. My life has changed since I work in licensing and I have very little time to reply to comments. Also, suffering from chronic migraines, that doesn't help. But if someone takes the time to leave two, three, four comments, well, there is surely the chance to go and say thank you! Hi! Just a little word can brighten someone's day. Plus it's just about good manners. I stopped to comment on (and read) blogs where I left tens of comments without hearing back.

Teresa said...

I know what you mean about leaving messages or getting back. I recently changed my settings so that I can try to answer each and every comment, one by one--some people are no-reply bloggers so it's hard to leave them a personal note otherwise! And when you comment in the trail of comments it just doesn't seem to be the same, it's not as personal.
Blogging does take time and so does reading and commenting. Sometimes, when I'm more pressed for time, I make sure I read "my friends'" posts though sometimes there isn't enough time to write all I'd like to... But you know you're one of my "special blogfriends", right? :) xxx

Susanne said...

Mere dear, I know you come visit me and read my blog, but good grief girl, you must be a mind reader too, lol. On more than one occasion I have thought the very same thing about blogs I visit and leave a comment, but I truly don't think they ever come visit me or even leave just a simple "Hi" behind. I will not mention names, but one blog I read will get hundreds of comments even if the post is about a flower bulb, lol, and don't get me wrong, that is fine and dandy(no my eyes are not green, lol). I have to admit that I am thrilled to have as many followers as I do, that people actually signed aboard because they found something at some time interesting. I have been so lucky to have found you and several other people who I enjoy following. I wonder too about folks who need to take a break from their blogging, now I am starting to sound a bit selfish, but in the real world when we know a friend is backing off from something we do worry for them. My husband told me once that I was nosy, and I told him, "No I'm not nosy, I'm just the sort of person who has a general curiosity about the people I come in contact with and who I consider friends. How else to get to know someone if you don't ask if they are doing okay." He and I are opposites anyways, he is the quiet one and he says I never see a stranger and he says he never could understand how I can just strike up a conversation with someone I don't know. I guess working with the public cures you of that, and having parents who never opened the drapes or their hearts to anyone is a lesson that made me and my other 5 siblings approachable. I don't need to have a ton of followers like some folks who have thousands. We all know there is no way you could ever comment on so many of those blogs, heavens, you would need a staff of people to do that for you! Thank you for being a follower, thank you for being a friend. I love to read your blog and don't care if it is just a random thoughts day for you. It is good to know that some of your days aren't too much different than my own.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)
P.S. That gray shawl with the sequins, will you be making another one like that??

Anonymous said...

I just noticed the other day that our veranda is needing a good power washing. But, it will wait a few weeks until Steve has some time off. (We do ours ourselves)

I agree with you about not hearing back --- I try to email those where I have an email address, but I will admit, there are some that are hard to get back to because I don't HAVE an address for them and it doesn't automatically appear when they respond on my blog.

It's frustrating when they ask a question and I really don't have a way to get back to them and maybe don't want to post that much info on their comment page (you don't know who all is seeing that).

BUT, that said --- I appreciate every single reader I have. :-) I've considered quitting blogging, but I think I'd really miss my blog-world friends. I've just cut back a bit (I used to blog every day).

Rose said...

Yikes, I hope I'm not one of the thoughtless group. My problem is that I never know if replying in my own comment section is the correct netiquette or if simply commenting on the other person's blog is the way to go.....thank you for being a considerate blog reader and blogger!

Anonymous said...

That's a terrific discussion you have initiated here with your thoughts on blogging and comments, Meredith. I am with you on the lack of responses although sometimes I have been guilty of this too. What bothers me most (and this applies to the super-popular blogs) is when my comments and those of others then serve to fuel a book or other publication by the blogger. It seems to me a brief acknowledgement would be the polite thing to do in those cases, rare as they may be.

I must also note that some platforms (typepad in my case) have recently made it harder, though not impossible, for bloggers to respond to comments personally.

As for vacations from blogs -- I am guilty as charged. I like my blog to look good, which means carefully modeled knits and photos in natural light, and these days I often run out of time to plan all that. I'd like to be a much more regular blogger. That's still an uphill effort though.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Meredith, Haven't blogged in a while but I'm alive and stressed at times with my mom, but I think that's the way it is going to be from now on. I hope to blog soon, I have missed it. xoRobin❤

Crafter's Delights said...

I'm glad I don't have a million followers because then it would be really hard for me to reply to all the comments :-)

kathy b said...


I think leaving a comment on a blog is the same as writing back to you right?? Hope you know I LOVE your comments and I love commenting on your blog!!!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I loved your post! It is true how we become friends through our words, photos, and projects...and we do miss each other when we are away...I understand what you are saying. :)

I am new to your blog and look forward to reading many more posts. :)

by Teresa said...

Dear Meredith.. I think of you as one of my very best blog friends.. I don't think I've missed leaving a comment on your posts because it's my way of connecting with you. Here's the way I look at it.. my posts are my way of communicating with my friends who read me and their comments are their way of responding. I actually have chosen not to respond to comments as you have to draw the line somewhere and it would get into a non-stop loop... post, read comment, respond, possibly a response back.. So, I put my time in on the posts and my comments on my friends posts.

As for those who you comment and comment and comment on.. and they never comment back. I've cleaned house on my blog list and removed those who 1. Never Comment and 2. Who don't reciprocate on putting MY link on their blog.

I have kept a FEW on my blog list that rarely if ever respond to me just because I love their blogs so much. Like Pioneer Woman for example. But I don't comment on hers either because she's just WAY TOO POPULAR and I just feel she won't have time to read what I say. But I keep her on my list coz I love her writing. :-)

Gosh.. sorry to go on so. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Sue said...

My sentiments exactly...and very time consuming too lol...but doesn't it make the world a teeny tiny place?
Support and comfort when you're in need..always a good thing
Can make you feel less alone
Hugs xx

MaryMargaret said...

It does take a tremendous amount of time to keep up with a blog, so please know that I appreciate you being so diligent with yours! I hope that things look a little brighter tomorrow- it must feel like you were living in a cave with all of that plastic!

Also, please know that I appreciate each and every comment that you leave on my blog. Feeling such support from someone I've never "met" is just amazing!

The Garden Bell - Kate said...

Hey Kiddo - I guessing you are talking about me....he-he.... I imagine I won't be away too long, but I need to step away for a while and look at getting myself back in shape and that means out of this dang chair. As you know I've got the senior stuff here and being the only daughter on both sides it's going to take some focusing right now as we figure some stuff out. It was all becoming overwhelming and trying to keep it all going, so something has to give while I sort through all this. Thanks so much for your kind words and support. I'm sure I'll be back shortly but probably in a much simpler way and without getting overwhelmed about responding to everyone, just those of you who are close to my heart. Have a great rest of the week, I'm off for my walk.

Hugs, Kate

Susanne said...

Hope this makes your sold the gray scarf with the sequins, lol
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Susanne said...

Don't worry, silly, it will be perfect. This girl knows how to treat something with a lot of love, the same love that went into making it. This is a "wear it only on special occasions shawl" for me, me, me!
XOXO Susanne ♥

Susan D said...

Thank you for your blog! I try to answer everyone on my blog but it's difficult when people don't link their email account. I leave a comment on the page but I know most won't go back to read it. I must admit i am enjoying blogging at the moment but I think it is right to take a break if you don't enjoy it. i think it also gives you time to find even more exciting things for your followers to read!

andamento said...

I expect sometimes people are just too busy to comment, or perhaps wait for a suitable post to comment on. I do agree that never visiting is just a little rude. You are most kind with your comments on my blog, I'm not so good at commenting back, sorry!
My brother lived in Bermuda for a while and I remember when visiting him just how humid and slightly mouldy everything seemed to be, I guess Florida is a little similar? Not a climate I would choose I have to say, I just wilt in the heat and prefer it cooler (though a little less rain would be even better!).
Have a wonderful day too!

Rizzi said...


Emily said...

Hi Meredith
I agree - it's amazing how comments can completely make your day, isn't it? I love hearing from people and definitely have blogging buddies that I worry about if they don't post anything for a while.
Without a doubt, blogging has changed me and the way I look at things and think about things.
Thank you for being one of those buddies!
Emily x

Grateful4Crochet said...

I totally agree with you!!!
It has made me change how I comment as well.
Anyway, just know that I love your blog, that comments from you on my blog ALWAYS make my day, and your blog friendship means so much to me!!

serendipity said...

Hi Meredith, I agree it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming keeping up with bloggers who leave comments, as well as new followers and new blogs that you've discovered, but I always visit the blogs of anyone kind enough to comment on mine and try to leave a comment where I can. Have a good weekend. xx

Deb said...

Hi Meredith
Great post. I enjoyed reading all your comments on it too :-)
Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving such nice comments ♥ Have a wonderful weekend.

Red said...


You really have brought up a great topic... For me having a blog is sort of like being an author. It's thrilling to think someone would make the time to read what I write. Comments are the best. It sort of completes the process. It's incredible how much time one can spend on a blog - whether it's reading them, commenting or writing your own. There simply aren't enough hours in the day. I, like you, have often gone through my reading list and stopped following those that I just don't feel I'm connecting with. If I read one that strikes a spark I will leave a comment and it's great just getting a "thanks" back. Sometimes it's just a word of encouragement to the blogger who's having a tough time personally or that needs some feedback on a project. I post when I am down or worried or stressed and I do it for the release as well as hearing back from others. I also post when I am happy and when life is going great! It's just part of what I choose to share in that anonymous sort of way.

Your blog is great and I enjoy our interaction. :)

patchworkandlace said...

I really loved reading your words ,i have been feeling guilty recently as i havnt been visiting other blogs ,life just seems to take over somehow there always seems to be someone wanting something and ive been so busy crafting lately but my plan is to try to visit my bloggy friends more often xxx

Sara said...

I always appreciate your comment at Tangled Happy Meredith! I try really really hard to reply to my commenters. Of course I love them all. But... I do sometimes have a hard time juggling everything. I do hope I haven't made you feel ignored. Wishing you a happy weekend. :)

Pradeepa said...

Hi, that was a very thoughtful post. What you say is absolutely true about blogging taking up plenty of your precious time. My photography blog is neglected due to lack of time and I am finding it very hard to keep up with this one too. So I guess this might be one of the reasons why some bloggers do not respond to repeated comments at all. I try to respond to all of my comments but sometimes I do miss one or two. I wish I hadn't hurt anyone this way. Have a happy weekend!

Annie said...

I'm with you, I don't understand it either. It says on my blog that comments are the best bit, and they are. Apart from anything else they reassure you that you aren't talking to yourself. But more importantly they are what turn keeping some sort of diary into a conversation with a community of other folk. I do get a fair few comments these days and can't always visit everyone's blog straight away. But I make a point of following up on comments as often as I can. I've made so many new bloggy friends that way. It's lovely when folk email me thanking me for a comment but I'd rather they popped into knitsofacto and left me a comment too. Like I said, blogging should be a two-way conversation.

Great, thought provoking post, thank you :D

Rose Red said...

I know I comment less than I used to, just because I have less time now - but I still try to comment regularly, especially when people comment regularly on my blog. I read a lot more blogs, but don't comment on those (mainly the ones which receive hundreds of comments!).

In the end, I think blogging means different things to different people, and you should do it the way that gives you the most out of it.

Kristen said...

Hello, dear, of course you're completely right about this. You're so generous with your comments, and I do appreciate the ones you leave me, so much. I admit I am a bit of a lurker--I visit tons of blogs, but unless I'm really moved, I don't speak up much. Will attempt to do better.

(BTW, did you know that you are a "no-reply" blogger? Which means I can't answer your lovely comments directly, and which makes it trickier to connect, at least for me.)