Sunday, March 1, 2020

A shawl for Mary, and one for Joy, too............

The prayer shawl I started to make for the mother of my son's dear friend who passed away is done.  I think I must have had lightening in my fingers to get it done so quickly.  It is made with Rylie by Hikoo yarn, an alpaca/silk/linen blend in the color Driftwood, and a size I hook.  I wanted it big and full of air, yet comfortable to place around her shoulders when she needs a good hug. I tried to put loving thoughts into this shawl with every stitch of the 550 yards that went into making it.  But seriously how can you even begin to place all of your love and blessings into a shawl for a woman who just lost her son?  A young man that will be dearly missed by so many including my entire family.  As I said in my last post at least this is something I can do.  I can donate to the charity they want us to use in honor of him, I can make sure my oldest is moving through this deep pain and grief without getting stuck in the pain of loss.  And I can make something with my hands just to let her know I am thinking of her and sending her love.  I will drop this off at her house next weekend when they will be back from California and all the services for their son.  There was one with the navy, the one my son and his friends went to for his ashes and now another one on the ship he was stationed on.  In April there will be another service here in Clearwater where the rest of his ashes will be placed in the Gulf of Mexico.  Then things get hard don't they?  No more gatherings and services, just trying to get back to some sort of a life without their boy in it.

Before making the prayer shawl for Mary I made this shawl for my friend Joy.  I had just finished it when we got the news about my son's friend.  I taught Joy to knit years ago but it did not stick with her.  She works with pastels and watercolors and is very talented.  She is going through a rough separation from her husband and I thought she could use a hug, too. Joy gave me this yarn to do whatever I wanted with.  She loves this color so I decided to make her a shawl.  Both shawls are made with the wonderfully easy Elise Shawl pattern I have made a thousand times before.  It is now a classic in my book, easy but makes something so beautiful.  Made with  Berroco Pure Pima yarn, which has been discontinued, four skeins used  to make this shawl, a total of 460 yards, and a size H hook.  I hope she likes what I did with her donated yarn.  

Luna Tuna my granddog was visiting here two weekends ago while Mr 22 and my husband took a quick trip to Kansas City.  Mr 26 was supposed to go to but well he had just heard the news about his friend and was in no mood to travel.  It is just as well because I could keep and eye on him at home and make sure he was doing okay.  Young people have a way of doing really stupid things when they are deeply upset, so my Mom radar was on high alert.  Thankfully he just wanted to be quiet and be alone, I can handle that as long as I know he is okay.  This weekend he has spent in Jamaica with his girlfriend.  It was their Christmas present to each other, I know it will be so healing for him to just get away and be in a beautiful place. 

And just so you don't forget this guy, here he is in a shirt Mr 22 brought back from Orlando for him.  UCF is where Mr 22 graduated from last summer and his girlfriend will graduate from this summer.  It is always fun to get a present from your brother.  And by the way Little Buddy has been pretending he is a sloth and testing my patience because he is already pretty slow in the movement and listening department.   He moves slow, speaks slow, nods his head slow,  and even gave me a thumbs up in super slow motion.  Lord give me strength!


Teresa Kasner said...

Hello dear Meredith, so nice to see you waving hello to us from your blog. Both of those shawls and so beautiful, and made even more wonderful by the love you put into both. That aqua color is so pretty. As I was scrolling down reading.. you little man emerged from the screen and my face lit up with joy to see him and how he's growing so big. You should tell him to pretend he's a cheetah.. the fastest animal on Earth. LOL! Sending love your way.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Lovely shawls!

Araignee said...

Lightening is right! Wowza...that was fast. What beautiful warm hugs you are gifting. Your boys are all looking good. I had to laugh at the sloth thing. What an imagination!

happy hooker said...

Those beautiful shawls and the love and prayers you put in to them will be appreciated I'm sure. Little Buddy has such a cheeky face, and he sure knows how to wind you up! Bet you wouldn't change a thing about him though, even when he's driving you to distraction! xx

Delighted Hands said...

Well, first I am crying about the shawl and the hug and grief
I am laughing with Lil Buddy being a sloth!
All rolled together, it is how life rolls.

(you did a beautiful job on the shawls!)

Betsy said...

Meredith, both of your friends will feel the love you put into each and every stitch of the shawls. I've been praying for Mr. 26 and his friends. Well really all of you. I can only imagine how hard it is. Last week was the one year anniversary of my nephews death and it was HARD. The fire department had a special evening of celebration in his honor and I think that helped my brother and sister-in-law tremendously. I don't think they will ever fully recover though. I remember an elderly friend told me years ago, at the funeral of his daughter who was their third child in three years to pass away, all from different things, "Betsy, no parent should ever have to bury their child, and especially not three children.) That was 30 years ago and I still remember the pain in his voice. So, I pray for the parents especially.
But...then I saw sweet Little Buddy and imagined him as a sloth. And I laughed. A fast animal could be suggested?! :-)
Love you bunches Meredith.

tammy j said...

I had the same reactions as Delighted Hands above.
and the special shawls you've made are just beautiful.
and I know the mother will feel all the love you knitted into it.
just as one KNOWS and feels the love in a favorite cooked meal that is comforting.
but Little Buddy as a sloth! where does he get these things? LOL!
I have always liked sloths too! have you noticed their little faces look like they're smiling? it's not a bad 'spirit animal' to have in this wild and chaotic world. :) XOXO

handmade by amalia said...

Delighted Hands said it all. A hug.

Nance said...

Lovely shawls knit with love and care.

I've never heard of anyone pretending to be a sloth; that's a new one on me. I like Teresa's suggestion. It's worth a try!

Karen said...

The shawls are beautiful, Meredith, and so lovely that they will carry your hugs and prayers. Sending tender thoughts to your household as you go through this difficult time. LB brings such light -- a sloth! I love it!

kathy b said...

Oh Dear Meredith. You are in my daily prayers and thoughts. It is so hard to lose a young person. There really are no word.s But there is such comfort in someone knitting a shawl for you with love. It is there each and every time you reach for it. Your shawls are just lovely. I mean it.

For a nanno second, I thought you got another dog ......jokes on me!

Lil Buddy I am sure is very sensitive to everyone's grief. But as children will do, the carry on. I think they have been closer than us , to heaven with their short lives and they feel it differently. We lost a sweet neighbor girl to an accident when my kids were in 5th and 3rd grade. It was so awful. For a long time, every morning I would awaken fine and then it would hit me like a brick .....oh yeah....Casey's gone. My kids did what kids do: they slid back a bit. They wanted to watch old disney movies they hadn't seen in a few years. Al slept in her sleeping bag near us at night for awhile.
I still see her mom in my mind. So caring as each child who knew her daughter approached the casket. She hugged and comforted OUR kids. She let them cry in her arms. She was amazing.

Big hugs Mere.

Faith said...

beautiful shawls. Moving the hook is soothing!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

That shawl is gorgeous and will be so loved and appreciated!
I'm laughing over Little Buddy being a sloth. Kids sure can try your patience but you love them anyway. Wishing you peace.

karen said...

goodness you are a fast crafter! I loved the photo of little buddy, and I hope your sloth days are over sooner than silly of him! Hugs to you!!

Christina said...

If only all of us had a friend like you, someone who makes hugs to give away. You are a star xx

Gracie Saylor said...

Yesterday I thanked the young grocery clerk for his skill and speed in serving me...noting my confusion in dealing with many details...I am sloooow...more turtlish.... I suspect the Lord would need to give you the strength to deal with me too! :-) Your compassion, skill, and speed in creatively caring for others continue to inspire me, Mere, and I so admire your beautiful stitching! xx

busybusybeejay said...

What a lovely idea ,making shawls for friends and comparing them to hugs.I had never thought of them in that way before.

Anonymous said...

Those shawls are lovely. I am sure the ladies will be happy to receive them as they were obviously made with love and compassion.

TheAwakenedSoul said...

He really knows how to test your patience! Your descriptions of Buddy always make me laugh. He is a hoot! The shawls are gorgeous. What thoughtful and kind gifts.

Jodiebodie said...

Dear Meredith,

Sending my condolences upon the loss of your son's best mate. The loss of a young life is always tragic. What bittersweet timing - just as the young people are about to graduate and move onto the next chapters in their lives. As a parent myself, I cannot imagine the depth of the grief his parents must feel. Your shawl is a beautiful gesture which I am sure will bring comfort in the difficult moments and I reminder that one need not grieve alone and there are helping hands to which one can reach out when necessary.

Both shawls are absolutely lovely. I love that the shawl for your friend is in a colour that she chose herself unwittingly for a shawl for herself!

The beauty in both shawls comes from the infusion of your love. Beautiful.

Wishing you well as you support your son. xxx

Melanie said...

Your shawls are so beautiful and will be VERY much appreciated by your friends.

I know what you mean about the mom radar and just wanting to protect your children as much as possible. That's what us moms do! My son is 29 and to me, he's still my "baby". When he was here visiting last week, he was actually sick for a few days and so I got to make him soup and cater to him a little bit. ;-) Spoiled a little, maybe...but I think it did both of our hearts some good.

Little Buddy pretending he's a sloth...that makes me laugh so hard! I know how frustrating it must be in Real Life, but he certainly has a great imagination and sense of humor!

Lorrie said...

Your shawls are so beautiful, Meredith, and your friends are blessed to have you make them. It's so hard when sorrow comes to one's children and there is little we can do to help them, other than pray and keep that mom-radar at high alert.
How cute that Little Buddy pretends to be a sloth!

mamasmercantile said...

Such beautiful shawls and made with love, what a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Hope all is well with your son grief can make us so vunerable but I am sure he will be fine with your love and strength to keep him going. I smiled at Little Buddy becoming a sloth, sounds like fun.

Judy S. said...

What lovely shawls! I am sure they will be loved. Great to catch up with you and hear about LB. He keeps you hopping, doesn't he?

Jo said...

Beautiful shawls, I'm sure they'll be appreciated by both ladies. I don't know how you'd ever get over the loss of a child, they'll need all the support and hugs from friends that they can get.