Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Update #4

Things are not looking good here at the Knitting Olympics. I have 10 inches of the two fronts completed, but that is all the progress I have made. My youngest son has been ill this week. First he started off with the cold that was running through my household. The cold progressed on Monday to fevers and double ear infections. Monday after work I spent hours in the Doctors office rubbing a cute 12 year olds back because he felt miserable. Tuesday evening came a return of the fever which led me to believe that ear infections were not our only issue. Yesterday afternoon was back to the Doctor, to x-ray and back again to the Doctors office. Yup, you guessed it beginning pneumonia. So he is resting at home again today. No swimming for my boy this weekend. I will be working at meet that my child isn't even in. So much for knitting, but that is okay. Knitting is about fun not necessarily speed. I am still trying but have realized my dream of a gold metal is long gone.


Claudia said...

Hi sister - I am coming up for air from all the stuff I've been dealing with. So sorry to hear about my nephew - give him a hug and a kiss for me. I will talk to you soon, I promise.


Toni said...

Oh no! Hope the little guy is feeling better soon!!!!!